Now you’ve booked your Breakthrough Session, we’ll be talking very soon about how I can help you solve the problems you’re facing in your dating life.

In the meantime, here’s some content for you to check out.


Get Ger Wet With Your Voice

Do you find it hard to create a sexual vibe with women? This will be of interest. It features me and one of my gorgeous female friends talking dirty to each other for 50 minutes. Pay attention to how the mood slowly but surely builds in intensity as time goes by.

Client Testimonial: Matthew

Matthew was a New York stockbroker who in 1 week had his girlfriend dump him and move in with another man. Once he got back into the dating scene he realised he didn’t have a clue how to meet women. He was perpetually friendzoned and ghosted which left him miserable and sexually frustrated.

He was a very confident man who crushed it at business, I showed him how to apply that confidence to his dating life and become such a desirable man that his ideal women thought he was out of their league.

Client Testimonial: Stefano

Stefano was a young entrepreneur who had a painfully average level of success with women. Being a highly ambitious and capable man, he knew he was capable of more and I helped him realise that potential. Through my coaching, he went from just sleeping with the women he could get, to seducing the women he wants.

Assorted Client Testimonials

The following video features a medley of testimonials from some of my recent clients. If you notice, you’ll see that many of them have referred to working with me as a completely life changing experience.

12 Secrets About Attracting Women That Society Won’t Tell You

I’m not one for passing the blame and encouraging people to see others as the source of their problems, but the simple fact is that you’ve been lied to by the world.  The reason you’re on this page and reading these words is because the world has trained you to be rubbish with women. From the moment you were born society has told you a bunch of horseshit both indirectly and directly about what it takes to be successful with women.

You’ve acted on the basis of those lies thinking that you were being a good male citizen who would be rewarded accordingly, but of course you weren’t because everything you were trained to be is something that women aren’t turned on by. This free ebook will not only show you some of the damaging lies you’ve been told, but it will rock your world too.