Game Global Group Rules

You will face a ban across the entire network if you do not comply with the rules. These rules apply to all Facebook groups and Telegram groups.



Telegram groups are for active and real-time discussions, meeting wings and going out to take action. All new members must write an introduction in response to the welcome message, failure to comply will result in being auto-banned and treated as spam. If you join groups and then leave within minutes, you will also be treated as spam.



Facebook groups are for field reports, events and other long-term activity. You must follow Facebook Community Guidelines.



These groups are for sharing value, arranging meetups, joining events, finding wingmen, connecting with others on the same journey, forming game houses, making progress and taking action.


No Anonymity

You must have a name and photo to be part of any of the groups on Telegram. Do not impersonate others. Do not hide your identity. Do not have emojis in your name. Do not have numbers in your name.


No Leeching

Do not take members away from the groups. Do not add members into external groups. Do not add members into your groups. Do not post about or provide links to external groups. Do not post unauthorized content, events, coaching or services.


No Negativity

Having a different opinion is acceptable. Being toxic, hateful towards women, and refusing to challenge your beliefs in order to grow is not acceptable. Displaying repeated toxic ideas without ever trying to improve, such as venting your frustrations over and over, pulls the groups down and can get you banned. Mean jokes and dark humor are tolerated within reason and for the purpose of maintaining your frame, but you must be civil at all times.

Do not communicate hate towards women, men, or other people. Do not shame others. Do not disrespect or insult others. Do not use the Telegram groups to have arguments or debates. Any and all arguments or debates must be redirected to the Telegram voice chat or the equivalent Facebook group.


No Repetition

Do not post the same message across multiple groups without permission. Post in the most relevant group.


Female Members

Female members must register as legitimate with Global Admin Ice White in order to avoid being automatically banned by the banning system. The Game Global network is mostly made up of males, and the majority of female join requests are spam accounts posing as females. If you are a genuine female human looking to join, you must make your presence known in advance. You may then join the groups, and will also be given access to a group containing all female members in one place.


Stay On Topic

Stay on the topic of seduction, pickup, game or self-improvement. This is not a political network, do not discuss politics. This is not a ‘blackpill’ network and we do not endorse or encourage ‘blackpill’ activity. Stay on topic.

Game Global is for primary game discussions. You may discuss primary game aspects of seduction, pickup, game, self-improvement, fitness, business and networking in Game Global. Fitness and business discussions must be posted to the Game Global Facebook group. Do not discuss secondary game in Game Global. Do not request wings or discuss local matters in Game Global.

Message Game is for secondary game discussions. You may discuss secondary game aspects of seduction, pickup, game and self-improvement in Message Game. This includes Tinder, Hinde, Bumble, Instagram, Facebook, phone, SMS, and much more. Do not discuss primary game in Message Game. Do not request wings or discuss local matters in Message Game.

Game Cities are for local dicussions. You may discuss game at a local level.


Field Reports

Field reports must be posted to the Game Global Facebook group. Field reports must be framed as a ‘field report’ and not as a ‘lay report’, according to the Game Glossary.



Do not display personal details of people who are not members of the group. Cover up all personal details of any screenshots, photos or videos shared. Do not ever show names, addresses, social media usernames, phone numbers or faces of women it may relate to. All posts in Message Game must very these rules very carefully. Leaking someone’s phone number or personal information is forbidden.



Photographers may only host photoshoots and photography sessions with the permission of Global Admin Ice White. Local photographers can be granted clients only after a deal is made and listed in the Game Photographers database. Photographers on the database will receive referrals from the network should they present themselves, subject to a reasonable commission for providing you with those clients.



You may ask other members and local groups about where to live. You may post about vacancies and availabilities if you are looking for someone to move into where you live, or if you are subletting. Do not post accommodation that is part of a program, immersion, coaching experience or service without permission. You may form game houses. You may also request to join game houses, which are listed on the Game Houses Map. Once a game house is established, it must be listed on the Game Houses Map.



Game Global is not responsible for comments of members. Game Global is also not responsible for comments of non-members, which include trolls, unknown users, scammers, spammers, impersonators and other imposters. Game Global is also not responsible for the portrayals and claims made by fake news outlets, as these claims were based on imposters and untrue events which were fabricated by fake news outlets in order to gain attention and money. Do not trust what anyone says just because they claim to be an ‘expert’, a ‘coach’, or a ‘journalist’.