5 Playful Moves To Make Her Want You More

This guide provides some playful flirting techniques for you to use when meeting women.

Yo it’s Ciaran. Here are the main takeaways from this video.

Use push/pull

This is a positive statement that shows you like her along with a playful diss that shows she still has some work to do to win you over. “You’re really cute for a short girl.”

Use disqualifiers

This is where you make a statement about how you are sure that you guys simply aren’t compatible. You effectively preemptively disqualify yourself to show your detachment from outcome and make her chase.

Tease her

Have fun, playfully call her little names, and treat her like your bratty little sister. She’ll love it:

Use conditional invites 

This is where you invite her to do something but only if she meets a certain criteria.

Screen her for the traits you want in a woman

This is where you screen to see if she has interesting parts to her personality. A great way to do this is to ask her friend to tell you something fascinating about her.

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