We are the coaches of Game Global.

Our team of coaches supports the personal and collective growth of the members of the Game Global community, by providing online and local events and offering various forms of coaching services.


Ice White – Game Global Coach & Cofounder

Author of The Message Game.

Ice is the mastermind behind the Game Cities, and connects everyone around the world. He has worked with and interviewed many of the best coaches in the world and over most of his life learned to climb ranks fast and get into high positions as a natural emerging leader and ENTJ. He is the father figure of Message Game and leads its movement, and is a reformer of the ‘PUA community’.

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Ciaran Callam – Game Global Coach & Cofounder

What Ciaran specialises in is taking men who are lacking confidence and don’t know how to meet women, and giving them the sexual abundance they didn’t think was possible for them. If that sounds like a big claim, that’s because it is, but it’s also very true. He’s been in this industry for almost two decades now and has built himself up from a shy, introverted and awkward teenager who couldn’t get girls to save his life to a man who attracts high quality women effortlessly. If you don’t like the man you see in the mirror and want someone to show you how to become someone you can be proud of then get in touch with him asap.

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Joe Elvin – Game Global Coach & Cofounder

The main reward of game isn’t women, it’s the man you become” – Joe Elvin

Specialist in:

  • Daygame
  • Humor And Self-Amusement
  • Handling Multiple Casual Relationships

Coaching offered:

  • Books & Online Guides
  • Game Academy VIP Coaching


Max – Game Global Coach

Specialist in:

  • Understanding Female to Male Attraction
  • Internalizing High Status Behavior
  • Mastering Relevant PUA Skills and Social Dynamics
  • Developing Charisma & Core Confidence
  • Mastering your Emotions
  • From Zero to Hero : Bringing Out the Best in Anyone

Coaching offered:

  • Live Seminars (& online events)
  • Bootcamps
  • 1-on-1 coaching (live or online, short or long term)
  • Online Dating Overhaul, Unbanning and Management


Jan Düchting – Game Global Coach

“Master the relationship to yourself first – and dating success is inevitable!” – Jan Düchting

Specialist in:

  • Mindset & Inner Game
  • Leadership & Self-Leadership
  • Flow State (Inventor of the Flow Triangle)
  • The Relationship to Yourself
  • Personality-based Coaching
  • Goal-orientated Coaching (NLP, Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis, systemic psychology, generative coaching, etc…)

Coaching offered:

  • Group Trainings
  • Seminars (Berlin & Online)
  • Private 1:1 Coachings