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Receive 25% commissions on every sale, and every subscribed month thereafter!


Affiliate Commission

By joining the MGAI Affiliate Program, you will receive 25% of the value of every subscriber you refer to MGAI through your affiliate link, every month they are subscribed.

This means that if you refer, for example, 5 subscribers who stay subscribed to MGAI for 12 months, you will receive a total of (5 x 12 =) 60 commissions!


Join The MGAI Affiliate Program

Submit your interest via Google Forms.


Affiliate Materials

We want to give you access to as much non-confidential material as possible to make your process effective. This includes:

  • Banners
  • Logos
  • Posters
  • Presentations
  • Examples
  • Reviews

Access the MGAI Affiliate Materials via Google Drive.


Ways To Promote MGAI

MGAI is especially useful for photographers who offer photoshoots for men’s Tinder profiles; offering MGAI as an add-on will effectively outsource coaching for online dating, choosing photos and building better Tinder or Instagram profiles.

MGAI is also especially useful for dating coaches who offer bootcamps or general coaching; offering MGAI as an add-on or recommended product outsources the necessary coaching for messaging women and getting more dates through dating apps or digital communication.

Whether you’re an individual, a YouTuber, a blogger, a dating coach, a photographer or anything else, there are many ways you can share the benefits of MGAI. Here are some ideas…

  • Your website
    • Blogs
    • Articles
  • Your YouTube channel
    • Videos
    • Podcasts
    • Shorts
    • Community Posts
    • Comments
  • Your Instagram
    • Reels
    • Stories
    • Bio
  • Your mailing list
  • Your groups
  • Your networks
  • Your friends
  • Anyone who asks for advice on Tinder profiles
  • Anyone who asks for advice on messaging