Be Her Photographer

 Be Her Photographer

Let’s start with logic. Girls are physically attractive. They like taking photos of themselves. In fact, it wouldn’t be unfair to say that there are some girls who make a living out of selling pictures of their ass or even their stinky weird looking feet.


While that may seem ridiculous, it actually happens and is increasingly more common than you may think.


Taking photos of girls is a huge advantage, and it doesn’t matter too much what those photos actually are. At first it may feel trial and error, but it’s better to start now and be way better in 2 years than to refuse to start just because you think you can’t do it. Don’t expect to be automatically good at something you haven’t spent too much time doing.


So here are a few tips and things to think about, based on how I have utilized my camera (Pixel 2 XL and Pixel 3 XL) over the years. I’m not even a photographer, I just use my phone.


1. Be Fun

Having fun at the Kite Festival with beauty pageants. (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Don’t be weird. Be fun and social. Take photos of everything. You’re not taking photos to be creepy and collect a database of picture whores that you can later masturbate to. You’re capturing the moment while being a welcome part of it. In their eyes, you should be their friend and companion. They should be excited to see the photos you took of them. In fact, they will practically keep reminding you to give them the photos if you’re doing it right.


Let’s take this photo above as an example. My friend was running as a beauty pageant in Canada. She introduced me to two other beauty pageant girls at a kite festival. They are there to make an appearance for points towards their pageantry. It’s a beautiful day, amazing kites are flying around and there are plenty of activities. I can take so many photos of this day, and it will really highlight the Summer for all of us. My friend already mentioned to the other girls that I take really good photos, so they requested me to take some and even went as far as photobombing my own random photos. This just makes it really easy. As each hour goes by during that day, the photos and videos pile up, and at the same time the excitement builds for when the photos will be shared. Their excitement is not only for having me share the photos with them in the end, it’s also for each of us to upload them on social media. They can’t wait to share any awesome photos to their stories, profile and timeline.


It’s a win for everyone.


2. Be Collaborative

Glow in the dark mini golf posing time. (Québec, Canada)

It doesn’t really matter where it is. What is important is the feeling of collaboration. You should be working together to create something you will both appreciate. Be inspired to get it right and to lead her movements. If you’re not connecting, it’s not going to work. The passion and interest needs to be there.


If she is experienced, it will be easy. It will work itself out.


If she uploads photos to her Instagram profile, she can give credit to you and tag you as the ‘photographer’. If you really put yourself into this, you can find yourself building up social circles very easily just by using a pretence of photography.


You can just as easily post photos that you took and tag her in it, it will serve as good social proof.


3. Be Adventurous

Exploring nature. (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Girls love to think that they are adventurous. Reveal it. Prove it. Highlight it.


It’s a very powerful and moving concept, and people just love to show off their adventurous side.


4. Be Creative

Playing with water. (Tumbes, Peru)

Don’t be afraid to try strange ideas or new things. I didn’t think the photo above would have turned out well when she told me her idea, but it did.


As soon as I posted this particular photo on my story, people messaged me on Instagram asking how I did it or saying that it’s amazing. This was the third photo, it didn’t take many attempts to get a clear one without big droplets in front of her face.


5. Be Sexy

Satisfaction in the pool. (Tumbes, Peru)

Being her photographer means that you capture moments, whether they are sexy, cute or just visually appealing. It’s just you, her and the camera. Don’t be awkward, be in it for the visual appeal.


A girl may want photos of herself in bikinis, high heels, lingerie or other intimate ways. Remember when Rose from Titannic posed nude for a painting? Who wouldn’t want to do that? Nothing is off limits when it comes to art.


I have hundreds of photos that would be inappropriate to post on this page. Be a freak and chase what kinds of photos you really want to create.


What are you interested in? Here are some popular suggestions. Think about what resonates with you.

  • Lingerie
  • Fashion
  • Latex
  • Urban
  • Casual
  • Fitness
  • Nudity
  • Vintage
  • Cosplay
  • Luxury


6. Be Best Friends

Shaking ass. (London, England)

Like I have said many times in my book The Message Game, treat your relationship with girls as if you are best friends. Be informal. Be crazy. Be open. Just because she’s twerking in your room doesn’t mean you should get a boner and instantly ‘try to game her’. If you acted like best friends and treated each other like best friends, you will get to know girls as well as a girl would. They would see you as a true friend, and not just some guy who is only there to try to get in her pants.


She will want you to take intimate photos of her and you will be able to genuinely do anything together without thinking twice, even if you had no sexual history. Exposing her sexual nature and unfiltered raw self to you is a great thing.


The difference in results is astonishing.



In a way this is all about how to frame your relationship with girls and their relationship to the camera. Have no agenda, other than the preserve memories and capture interesting moments. These are photos that can be used for social proof and can help you build social circles.


If you want to share some insights or results regarding this, such as how you use Instagram stories, Instagram itself or Facebook stories, check out the Facebook group.


If you want to learn more about utilizing Instagram and photos, jump in too so you can see plenty of resources and people’s examples.



Alejandro, a Game Global reader, responded to this article:

“Dude great article.

You can even take this one step further, I really got into photography as a passion, specifically portraits, and then I realised how transferrable the skills were.

After learning a bit of game I became comfortable with opening strangers on the street, so oftentimes I would find attractive or interesting looking women and I’d approach them on the street saying I’m starting up as a photographer and would love to do a photoshoot with her, then get her details and set it up later.

It got me to make some great art, make some good friends with some of these girls, and like you said the photographer-model dynamic very often very naturally turns sexual/romantic, so oftentimes things ended up happening with the girls during or after the shoot naturally.”

Ice White

Ice is a Canadian bestselling author, and founder of Game Global. His book, The Message Game, is the most practical book on online dating and has helped thousands of men around the world get dates within days of reading it. He is also the creator of MGAI, the AI wingman for online dating.

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