Stop Counting Your Lays

Discover why your lay count is a horrible metric for measuring your (or anyone’s) ability with women – and an even worse metric for measuring quality of life.Read More

How to Get UNBANNED on Tinder in 2022

So you’re getting close to no fuggin’ matches. Or worse. You can’t access your account at all anymore. And you wonder how to get unbanned from Tinder. Woopsies. In case you’ve been banned on Tinder, or shadowbanned on Tinder, there are solutions. And that’s exactly what today’s article is about to cover. Easy peasy. In […]Read More

Mission 4: Photobomb

Here we go again.   In last month’s mission, we set the task of Halloween Costumes, whereby members must submit a photo of them with at least one woman wearing a Halloween costume, and extra points for no other guys in the photo. Our favorite was Jonnie’s from Game Seattle. He had two Halloween parties, […]Read More

Mission 3: Halloween Costumes

We haven’t done this since the pandemic started, but now we’re starting this up again.   Last time we set a mission, it was The Cheek Kisser. Our favorite was Avery Hayden’s from Game Phoenix, although posted long ago in January 2020, he said ‘I asked for the pictures by saying I wanted to make […]Read More