How I Stopped Alcohol Ruining My Life

I used to rely on alcohol to be confident enough to meet women. It actually DESTROYED my self-esteem. Hey, it’s Ciaran. I USED TO GET BLACK OUT DRUNK EVERY WEEKEND. I thought it would make me confident enough to meet women (it didn’t really…). On top of that, it would RUIN my confidence for the […]Read More

The Blind Spots Ruining Your Dating Life

Almost all men have some… Hey, it’s Ciaran. I spent YEARS making the same one mistake with women. And I had no idea I was doing it… Can you imagine how frustrating that would be? Even now, I think about how many women could have been a big part of my life, if I had […]Read More

Still Afraid Of Rejection In 2021?

Here’s a 30-second fix for you… Hey, it’s Ciaran. This question did so much to help eliminate my fear of rejection. Maybe it will help you too… “What are they actually rejecting?” Ask it to yourself now – and every time you feel that sting of a woman saying “no”. They’re not rejecting “you”, are […]Read More

The ‘Average Guy’ On Tinder

Hot Tinder girls only want the top 20% of men. Do your pictures put you in this category?  I’m serious. In this detailed analysis of Hinge and Tinder swipes, it was determined that the top of 78% of attractive women are only interested in the top 20% of attractive men.  Here’s a nice graph that […]Read More

What To Do OUTSIDE Of Game?

Hey, its Ciaran, Is your life on track outside of chasing women? Your finances? Your social circle? Your passions, hobbies and interests? If not, that’s part of the reason why women aren’t flocking to you. YOU NEED TO BUILD A LIFESTYLE THAT WOMEN WANT TO BE A PART OF. This will make you happier. It’ll […]Read More

How I Learned About Freedom From Outcome

This is feels like a lesson we need to experience, before we truly learn it. Hey, it’s Ciaran. We all logically know that being ‘needy’ is bad. Yet, it seems we all still have to make that mistake in our journey to becoming a truly attractive man. It’s not until we repel a great women […]Read More

How To Set ‘Game’ Goals For 2021

Hey, it’s Ciaran. Do you feel unsure about what you want to achieve in 2021? Are you letting each day pass without really living it? Do you feel lost or purposeless? It’s more common than ever for men to feel like this, considering the current state of the world. But that doesn’t mean you have to accept […]Read More

My Final Year As A Dating Coach

So, if you were thinking you would like to work with me ‘one day’… Hey, it’s Ciaran. Yes, you read it right… This is my final year as a dating coach. In June 2021, I am leaving this field in order to focus on my other passion. Writing children’s books. So, if you were thinking you […]Read More

How Tinder Works: Asking A Tinder Employee 35 Questions

I asked a Tinder employee lots of questions, and now we understand how Tinder actually works as of 2020. A few years ago I started a project from a single Google Doc, which then became an almighty Telegram group; becoming the biggest men’s dating advice English-speaking group on Telegram. Going down this rabbit hole, many […]Read More

Setting A Casual Frame For Dates & Escalation

Imagine meeting up with 3 girls at the same time for a formal date at, let’s say, a restaurant… How would most guys handle this? How would the girls react? Awkward. Now imagine meeting up with 3 girls just for a casual activity like shopping in malls. You can take photos with each other, go […]Read More