How To Deal With BRATTY Women

 How To Deal With BRATTY Women

Discover why women act bratty and how to deal with bratty women.

It’s possible to turn bratty women into kind, pleasant and respectful ladies. You just need to know how.

Most women act in a bratty manner, not because they are bad people, but because they feel the need to test your masculinity.

In this guide, we’ll explore why women act bratty towards men they like — and how you can turn this situation around.

It’s tough being a woman.

Not only are they physically weaker than the men they tend to fall for (which must be terrifying), they’re also attracted to qualities that are easy to fake.

Women typically want men who are:

  • confident;
  • charismatic;
  • grounded;
  • brave;
  • assertive;
  • strong leaders.

When a man shows these qualities, he demonstrates he’s capable of looking after her and their potential future children.

The thing is: it’s easy enough for a man to fake this, especially if his woman is super-polite and obedient to him throughout their time together.

That’s why a lot of women act bratty from time-to-time in their relationships. They’re testing how strong their man really is.

They might do this by poking fun at his flaws, refusing to comply with his requests or misbehaving some other way in public.

Either way, they’re usually doing it to see if their man will stand strong in the face of adversity – or fold at the first sign of conflict.

When your woman acts like this, your natural instinct might be to supplicate to her and do whatever it takes to avoid conflict.

However, this isn’t what a strong leader does when his woman is in the wrong. Unafraid of conflict, he will calmly call her out for acting unreasonably or crossing his personal boundaries.

Deep down, perhaps on a subconscious level, this is what your woman is hoping you’ll do.

She wants you to pass her masculinity test and prove that you are a man worthy of looking after her.

In his iconic book on masculinity ‘The Way Of The Superior Man’, author David Deida suggests that women might even be aroused when you pass these tests.

He says:

“The most erotic moment for a woman is feeling that you are Shiva, the divine masculine: unperturbable, totally loving, fully present, and all-pervading.

“She cannot move you, because you already are what you are, with or without her. She cannot scare you away, because you already penetrate her in fearless love, pervading her heart and body.”

So, with this in mind, I urge you not to be annoyed, threatened or intimidated when your woman acts up.

See it as an opportunity to turn your woman on with your powerful unmoving masculine presence.

When you do this by remaining unmoved by a woman’s tests or calling her out on her bratty behavior, she’ll often reward you by transforming into the loving, caring feminine partner you wanted.

It’s not always as deep as this article suggests.

Men and women tend to be as disobedient as they can get away with.

If your woman is acting bratty, it might be a case of her seeing where your boundaries lie. It might be that she’s making a playful joke that you’ve taken too seriously. In some cases, she might be trying to chip away at your confidence in an effort to gain greater control of the relationship. This is toxic and arguably abusive behavior, but it does happen.

In all of these cases, your best option is to either remain unmoved by her behavior or to calmly call her out on it, depending on how you see fit.

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