Community Bootcamps

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This map of Community Bootcamps features bootcamps and programs from trusted and well known dating coaches in the seduction community. This list is approved by Game Global and designed to prevent members from being scammed by unqualified coaches.




Online Programs

5 Hour Charisma

Hosted by: Jeffy Allen

A program helping people become more charismatic, confident and powerful.


Men Of Action

Hosted by: Michael Sartain

A program helping people build high status social circles.



Hosted by: Ice White

An AI wingman for online dating, helping men skip the bullshit and get more dates.


Social Circle Game Club

Hosted by: Ice White

A mini-program helping people get started with building social circles.


Transformation Mastery

Hosted by: Justin Blanc

A program designed to transform your self-loathing and self-hate into self-acceptance and self-love.


Companies Offering Bootcamps

3 Second Rule is run by Shaun Michael, who used to be part of Venusian Arts with Erik Von Markovik. 3 Second Rule offers bootcamps in Europe and North America.

4 Week Natural is run by Alex James, who used to be part of Real Social Dynamics as RSD Alex, until leaving in 2015. 4 Week Natural offers bootcamps internationally.

Justin Marc is a dating coach based in Toronto. He does not do bootcamps anywhere else.

Self Mastery Co is run by Owen Cook, who used to run Real Social Dynamics. Jeffy Allen and Madison Monroe were also part of Real Social Dynamics, and also transitioned into the new Self Mastery Co company. Self Mastery Co offers bootcamps only in North America.