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Game Glossary is a reformation of PUA lingo used by the pickup artist community, in order to simplify terminology and remove any inappropriate terms. 



One-on-one time with a woman who separated herself from her group of friends temporarily or permanently. Example; when a woman is with her friends in a nightclub but separates from her group for a few minutes to dance with you or talk to you without her friends. 



The mentality or measure of possessing or being able to produce many dating opportunities. Having abundance means that your behaviors are not out of scarcity (See: Scarcity), and therefore you would be more willing to walk away from bad dating options or bad relationships. Abundance conveys high value.



The capacity that a man has to generate sexual interest in a woman. Many things can create attraction. To name a few, it could be helped by social status, preselection, charisma, wealth, social intelligence, fitness level, confidence, energy, etc.


Approach anxiety

To fear or hesitate approaching women during day game or night game. 



Immersive coaching, which may include exercises, primary game practice (See: Primary game) and seminars. Its duration can range from a few hours or days to a few weeks or months. 


Breaking rapport

A behavior, statement or question that is aimed at letting the girl know that her behavior is unacceptable and that the man is losing interest.



In message game terms (See: Message game), anything you say that does not take a step towards meeting a girl is called bullshit. Comfort would not be bullshit, but small talk would. Example; when you message a girl asking how she is or when you talk to her about anything without a purpose of meeting. (Coined by Ice White) 


Cold feet

Hesitation or fear of going through with a particular action. Not to be used in the context of approaching (See: Approach anxiety), but rather in the context of how a woman may respond to escalation. 


College game

Game within university or college on campus or with students of a campus. 



Often used to gauge how comfortable and safe a woman feels in a given moment. Both attraction and comfort are needed in order to successfully seduce anyone.



How willing someone is in doing something for you. 



The ability to align your thoughts, words and actions. It is how genuine and true to yourself you behave.



Permission for something to happen, or agreement to do something. Sexual activity without consent is rape. 



An activity with a girl, or with multiple girls, who you are interested in. It has the potential to host the start of a physical romance. 


Dating frame

Setting your relationship with someone as formal as if you are on a first date and getting to know each other. Example; when you go out on a date and talk about yourself to each other and ask each other questions. (Coined by Ice White)


Day game

Game during the day, including game in malls, on streets and in tourist hotspots during the day. 



Demonstration of higher value; your perceived value is increased as a result of showing a skill or attribute. Example; having lots of Instagram followers and casually displaying this.


Direct game

Game while showing direct interest in a woman. 



The increase of consensual physical contact, which can lead to sex. 


Field report

A detailed report of a date, day game session or night game session, describing one or multiple interactions that occurred in a certain amount of time, written or recorded for the purpose of personal improvement or to benefit the community with possible learning. Example; a written record of a day game session, a vlog detailing a date with a girl.


Field test

Testing out an idea or technique in game, whether through primary game or secondary game. Example; sending a new type of message to matches on Tinder, doing cold approach during day game and trying something new in the process. 



When a girl cancels a date or does not show up.


Fluid date

A date which is active or interactive, or easy to flow into further escalation or doing more activities, such as taking a date to a fairground and then potentially leading the date to another place or to your home. It is therefore not a static date (See: Static date). Example; arcade dates, fairground dates, amusement park dates, axe throwing dates, picnic dates, pillow fight dates, pre-drinking dates, IKEA dates. (Coined by Ice White)



Female pickup artist; a woman who dedicates herself to improving her dating life through the seduction community, or acts as a wingwoman.



How something is perceived. (Coined by Richard Bandler and John Grinder) 


Frame control

Controlling the frame (See: Frame) with other people so that the interaction and frame is set by your rules, your direction, and your decisions. Example; when you ask for a girl’s phone number and she suggests you follow her on Instagram instead, when someone confronts you but you respond with humor and make them laugh. 


Frame test

Something that a woman has said to a man that will, based on his response, give her information on whether or not he is strong enough to be worthy of being a boyfriend or sexual partner. If he takes her words literally or too seriously, he will fail the test and lose the opportunity to proceed in their potential relationship. You should take a frame test as an IOI (See: IOI), because it opens up the opportunity to pass a test that others will fail. Example; ‘you are too young for me’; ‘you probably say that to all the girls’; ‘is that your pickup line?’


Friend frame

Setting your relationship with someone as informal from the beginning as if you were friends in order to bypass the unnecessary bullshit that comes with the dating frame. Example; when you hang out with a girl as friends instead of coming from a dating frame so that your interaction and time together is less serious and has no expectations. (Coined by Ice White)


Friend with benefits

A friend that you have sex with, without being in a formal or committed relationship. (See also: Fuckbuddy) Example; a female friend you have sexual activity with, without the intention of forming a stable romantic bond or relationship. 


Friend zone

When a woman dismisses you as a potential romantic or sexual partner, and sees you as a dickless friend. 



A person that you have sex with casually without emotional or long term expectations. (See also: Friend with benefits) Example; a female friend you have sexual activity with, without the intention of forming a stable romantic bond or relationship. 



The ability to influence behaviors or people in a particular way in order to create some kind of relationship, or to go out and do so. Example; when you go out to meet and game girls to set up a date so that your mom could stop telling you to get a girlfriend. 



Someone who does game. 


Game Cities

Cities around the world where an organized group of Game Global community members practice their activities, usually in the form of events, coaching, hangouts and winging.


Game community

The community of men and women who game (See: Game) for the purpose of improving the social and dating aspects of their lives, and sometimes also business aspects. 


Game house

A residency consisting of multiple gamers, with the purpose of forming a living accommodation for better logistics, and to live with other dedicated gamers or wingmen. 



Doing game (See: Game). Example; doing day game, doing night game, doing social circle game. 


Gutter game

Meeting girls outside, often on the streets late at night when people go in and out of nightclubs, in places where it’s not optimal but better than not meeting anyone at all.


Hot girl reality

The uniqueness of how a girl behaves, based on how people treat her as a result of many males being attracted towards her and acting in a certain way that has validated her ego to make her feel as if she is extremely attractive. Example; when everybody wants to fuck a particular girl, when she has 50,000 followers or more on Instagram. (Coined by Ice White) 


House party game

Game at a house party. 


Imposter syndrome

Doubting your own abilities and feeling like a fraud or that they do not deserve to be where they are or what they have achieved. 


Indirect game

Game without showing direct interest in a woman, until a certain point. Passively showing value. 



Primary game action during day game or night game. Often used in the form of video recordings of men approaching women and trying to seduce them, for the purpose of learning or teaching others about the interactions seen. 


Inner game

All action in game taken inside your mind. For example; reading, building confidence, improving work ethic, working on self-awareness, etc.


Instant date

Doing an activity or date, upon meeting for the first time.



The effort and value provided, or ‘invested’, by a woman, for a man. (See also: Compliance) Example; a woman spending time with you in a club, a woman going to another place with you, a woman buying you drinks, a woman cooking for you, a woman having sex with you.



Indicator of interest; a sign that a woman gives a man that indirectly reveals some extent of interest or attraction towards him, whether or not the sign is extremely subtle. Example; when she re-initiates the conversation when you stop talking; when she asks what your name is; when she plays with her hair when she looks at you. (Coined by Erik Von Markovik) 


Keyboard jockey

A PUA who is active on online groups and forums but lacks real experience or doesn’t go out. Thus, he spends too much time in front of a keyboard. 



Kinesthesia; touching or being touched with intent or purpose of arousal or to proceed to further sexual contact. Example; when you hold her hands; when you stroke her hair, when you hold her hips or shoulders. (Coined by Ross Jeffries)


Kino test

Using kino (See: Kino) to test the compliance level (See: Compliance) of a woman with the intent to see and feel the immediate physical reaction from her. This is done in order to gauge how she feels about you and your connection immediately in that moment, and can be used to find out whether what you are doing is working or not. It can also be used when you don’t know whether the right thing in the moment is to step back, keep neutral or escalate further, and you need some way of finding out what the girl wants right now escalation-wise. Example; starting to hold her hand and then letting go and seeing if she initiates hand-holding again or keeps her hand in the same place to welcome it again, squeezing her hand gently to see if she squeezes back, hugging her and playfully telling her ‘I love you!’ and seeing her response to that. 



Controlling interactions and being the person who pushes oneself and others forward into making things happen. A strong masculine trait which is useful for game, and core to ENTJ personalities. If you do not lead an interaction, you cannot expect someone else to lead it for you towards where you want it to go.


Limiting belief

A belief that holds you back from reaching your own true potential. Example; the belief that you are not good at dancing yet never trying to learn how to dance or practice dancing and thus stopping yourself from making any progress in that field. 



The level of ease of transportation. Example; if you live Downtown you have really good logistics to bring a girl home from a date, you have bad logistics if you are on a date and your place is far away or not easy to get to.



Long term relationship; a romantic and sexual relationship which is long term. 


Message game

Leveraging a device with cellular or Internet access in order to game using digital communication such as messaging, online dating and social media. It is a form of secondary game (See: Secondary game) that aims to utilize your phone or other devices to meet women. (Coined by Ice White)



A guy who is naturally good with women, or has been good with women before being exposed to the game community and before becoming a PUA. 


Natural game

Improvisational or free-flowing game, which does not follow complex guidelines or structures. It is a form of game which holds charisma and personality at its core, and focuses less one canned material and routines, and focuses more on being social and authentic. 


Night game

Game during the night, including gaming in night clubs, in strip clubs and in streets at night. 



Neuro-linguistic programming; the psychological analysis of strategies used by successful individuals and applying them to reach personal goals. (Coined by Richard Bandler and John Grinder)


No fap

Conscious and willing abstinence from masturbation. It is usually practiced as a form of self discipline or semen retention.



Acquiring a woman’s phone number. (Coined by Erik Von Markovik)


Observational opener

An opener (See: Opener) based on an observed behavior, action or appearance. Example; ‘I love your shoes’, ‘your hair is amazing and super colorful’, ‘you’re holding my favorite book’, ‘you look like the kind of girl who loves adventures’. 



One night stand; a brief and casual sexual encounter, which happens only once over the period of a single night. 


Onto the next

When an interaction with a girl isn’t going anywhere at the present time, try interacting with a few other girls before coming back to the original said girl. 



Initiation of an interaction.



Something said to initiate a conversation. Example; ‘hello’, ‘let’s skip all the bullshit, how spontaneous are you?’.


Outer game

All action in game taken outside your mind. For example; approaching, building rapport, leading, escalation, etc.



Public display of affection; when a couple publicly displays their affection, with gestures such as hugging, holding hands or kissing. 



Inspiration in the form of a man’s success with women. (Coined by Ice White)



Behavior or actions which inspire a strong emotional reaction, generally to be seen as someone with a personality that is loved or hated, rather than someone is merely tolerated or normal.



The idea that women are attracted to men who already attract other women, showing that a particular man is already approved or proven to be accepted by women. Example; when you have a photoshoot with hot girls and upload the photos to Instagram, resulting in girls finding you more attractive because you were able to do this. 


Primary game

Game in the physical world, such as approaching during day game and night game, or doing social circle game at events, etc. (Coined by Ice White) 


Princess mentality

The behavior of a woman who has one-sided expectations whereby she wishes to be given more in a relationship than what she can or will contribute. Example; when a woman expects a man to pay for the bill and to pay for her taxi. (Coined by Ice White) 



Pickup artist; a man who dedicates himself to improving his dating life through the seduction community. 



A good relationship between two people, built on trust, communication and understanding. 



Saying or doing something that alters the frame (See: Frame) of a conversation or situation. 



When you are turned down by someone.



Real Social Dynamics; a pickup and coaching company founded by Owen Cook and Nick Kho, which dominated the PUA industry from 2002-2018, formed during the timeline of the book The Game by Neil Strauss. 



Lack of dating options. Having scarcity tends to lead to desperation or sexual frustration (See: Sexual frustration), and a variety of other low value behaviors.



Assessing someone based on their suitability for something. Example; ‘how adventurous are you?’, ‘how far away do you live?’, ‘are you single?’


Secondary game

Game in the virtual world (See: Message game), such as messaging women with your phone, creating a Tinder profile, using Instagram to send DMs to women, etc. It is everything you can do on a screen in order to meet in-person. (Coined by Ice White) 


Seduction community

General term for the game community (See: Game community), referring to the community of men working to improve the social and dating aspects of their lives. 


Self amusement

The ability and mentality of having fun and amusing yourself, while potentially influencing the amusement of others around you and not caring if other people are not amused; while also not being subjected to or dependent on the general mood or environment you are in. You are the catalyst of your own amusement. You also accept that ultimately only you are responsible for your own amusement and positivity or mood, and that other people cannot change that. 


Sexual frustration

The frustration caused by a lack of satisfaction in someone’s sexual activity. Example; when you are sexually frustrated because you are a 40 year old virgin or you are having a dry spell. 


Shit test

Something that a woman has said to a man that will, based on his response, give her information on whether or not he is strong enough to be worthy of being a boyfriend or sexual partner. If he takes her words literally or too seriously, he will fail the test and lose the opportunity to proceed in their potential relationship. You should take a shit test as an IOI (See: IOI), because it opens up the opportunity to pass a test that others will fail. It is ultimately a frame test (See: Frame test). Example; ‘you are too young for me’; ‘you probably say that to all the girls’; ‘is that your pickup line?’



The idea that everything in game is easier when it is the least complex it could be, inspired by the philosophy behind Ockham’s Razor. (Coined by Ice White)


Social circle game

Building an effective social network in order to elevate your status and access to influential people, events and desires.


Social proof

The psycho-social phenomenon whereby people perceive someone by their already-achieved social status or influence. Example; when you have lots of photos of yourself with different girls; when you have over a million followers on Instagram. (Coined by Robert Cialdini) 


Static date

A date which has minimal motion and activity, and therefore does not encourage, inspire or enable ease of active movement and fluidity of activities, such as sitting face to face at a table in a restaurant to talk and eat food. Example; restaurant dates. (Coined by Ice White)



Access to scarce resources. Example; access to a beach house, access to a yacht, access to the Playboy Mansion, being the owner of a nightclub, etc. 


Street game

Game on the street, which could be during day game or during night game. Example; game on the street directly outside the club, game on Oxford Street (London), game on The Strip (Las Vegas), game on Sunset Boulevard (Los Angeles). 


The claw

An old-school outer game PUA technique which involves gently but firmly grabbing a girl’s hand to get her attention, especially in chaotic environments such as loud nightclubs where speaking would be inefficient. 


The hand of god

An old-school outer game PUA technique which involves silently handing out your hand to a girl, inviting her to take it. Often used as a way of starting an interaction in loud environments.



Trying too hard to gain the approval of others. Example; a PUA posing with cars and other luxury items. 


Uni game

Game within university or college on campus or with students of a campus. 



Gaining approval, whether by seeking it or unintentionally receiving it, which boosts the ego and provides the dopamine effect. Example; when a girl wants you to follow her on Instagram just to get likes and followers; when your profile picture on Facebook gets lots of likes. 


Verbal game

The ability to influence behaviors or people (See: Game) through the use of verbal communication. It can relate to more technical topics such as vocal tone, pacing, tempo, intonation. 


Wife material

A woman who you would consider a great life-partner and candidate for a long term relationship or even marriage. Example; when a girl is very cute and loyal and also doesn’t post pictures solely of her ass on Instagram; when a girl truly cares about you and will go to great lengths for you and your relationship.



A man who assists you when gaming.



A woman who assists you when gaming.



An adult human female.


Toxic Terminology

Disclaimer: These terms existed for many years before Game Global existed. Game Global did not create these terms and does not endorse them. It is our mission to eradicate toxic terminology and devise safer, legitimate and more appropriate terms for the seduction community and every PUA out there. 



The amount of people someone has had sex with. Terminology removed for focusing too much on sexual outcome and validation. We are also not mass murderers or serial killers. 

Replacement: Experience



Separating a woman from her friends in order to escalate the interaction. Terminology removed for being divisive. A PUA should not focus on taking a woman away from her friends, but rather having one-on-one time, and so 1-on-1 is more suitable. 

Replacement: 1-on-1


Lay count

The amount of people someone has had sex with. Terminology removed for focusing too much on sexual outcome and validation. 

Replacement: Experience


Lay report

A detailed report about having sex with a woman. Terminology removed for being too egotistical and seeking validation, while also being too focused on or obsessed with an end result and boasting about it. Nobody cares if it involves sex or not, and so field report is more suitable.

Replacement: Field report



Last minute resistance; when a girl prevents a man from escalating into sexual intercourse, such as when a girl stops your attempt to remove clothes. Terminology removed for ignoring basic consent, and the term is problematic in the media and for the PUA community itself. 

Replacement: Cold feet



A girl you are interested in. Terminology removed for being unnecessary and not regarding seeing people as human or women. This isn’t Call Of Duty.  

Replacement: Woman


Outdated PUA Terminology


See new term: Day game



See new term: Night game


Online game

See new term: Message game



See new term: Game



See new term: Gaming


Text game

See new term: Message game