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Game Leader Admin Application

To apply for the position of leading a Game City, go here.


Some Game Cities can have multiple Game Leaders depending on the Telegram group’s population.

  • 50 Members: 1 Game Leader
  • 100 Members: 2 Game Leaders
  • 250 Members: 3 Game Leaders
  • 500 Members: 4 Game Leaders



  • Engaging the group
  • Preventing & discouraging negativity
  • Maintaining activity
  • Inspiring members
  • Maintaining Facebook group
  • Maintaining Telegram group
  • Having the admin circle on Telegram profile
  • Producing Game Maps
  • Hosting hangouts and events
  • Following compliance and updates



  • Status as Game Leader of the city
  • Access to Game Leaders network
  • Access to Game Content
  • Ability to coach members of the city via a Coaching Day
  • Early access opportunities to become a Game Instructor