Overcoming Shit Tests

This video guide explains how to pass shit tests, and includes examples you can use in your own interactions with women

Shit tests are awesome!

I’m so happy when a girl throws a shit test at me, because it means she’s a bit interested in me.

It also gives me a chance to show secure, grounded, quick-witted and self-confident I am.

Below is a quick explanation of why girls give shit tests – and an ultimate guide to becoming incredible at passing them.

Why do girls give shit tests?

Shit tests show a woman whether this confidence you’re portraying is the real deal.

You won’t see berating a homeless man who tries to speak to her. Nor will she even give the time of day to a super-creepy chode in the club (unless they’ve been really mean or she’s a psychopath)

If she’s taken the time to be mean to you, it usually means she’s interested in learning more about you.

Better get good at passing these tests then…

How to overcome shit tests

There are four main ways to pass shit tests.

These are:

  1. Agree and exaggerate
  2. Disagree outrageously
  3. Misinterpret sexually
  4. Complete ignore.

For pick-up veterans, I’ll throw in a slightly more complicated fifth…

5. Anything that it’s in your frame, not hers.

Let’s demonstrate how these work using some shit tests I got on the beach today.

Girl: “Oh my god, you’re really pale.”

  1. “So pale. Like a ghost. Sometimes I think I’m see-through. Can you even see me?”
  2. “What you on about? I got mistaken for an African-American earlier.”
  3. “Checking out my body already? We’ve known each other five minutes.”
  4. “NEVER MIND…so anyway” (This is my go-to for most shit tests in nightgame haha)
  5. “Yeah, I’d really like to be South American. Wouldn’t that be cool?”

Girl: “Oh my god, you look really old.”

  1. Yeah, I’m old enough to be your dad. Call me Daddy…
  2. What you on about? I just turned 18
  3. Yeah, I’m just about legal if you wondering…
  4. NEVER MIND…so anyway
  5. Yeah, my dog is even older than me. He’s 12, which is 144 in dog years.

How to become incredible at passing shit tests

 The Ultimate Guide To Passing Shit Tests

I’ve been to pick-up seminars where the instructor paired us up and made us do shit test drills for 30 minutes straight.

There’s no reason why you can’t do this with your wingman as you’re heading into the field…

The chances are that your going to get the same shit tests again and again, depending on what you look like.

You should be able to reply to these with any of the 5 methods SUPER-FAST.

EVERYONE will also experience these classic shit tests at the club.

“We’re lesbians.”

“Its girls night.”

“I have a boyfriend.”

“You’re only looking for sex.”

“We’re not having sex tonight.”

“Only if you buy me a drink.”

“I don’t give my number out to strangers.”

If you don’t have ready-made answers to all of these before you hit the field, WHAT ARE YOU DOING BRO??? This is like baseball players turning up without those big brown gloves.

You fail – or even stumble over these – and you’re done. So it’s worth practicing…

By the way, we’ve listed every shit test we could ever think of (and the best responses) in this blog post.

Treat game like a sport and passing shit tests as your defence. It’ll serve you well.

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