Ciaran Picks Up A Coffee Shop Employee

This video will show you how to deal with shit tests and make quick connections with a woman.

Hey, it’s Ciaran.

I started recording halfway through this interaction, as this woman was was showing me her art online.

Here’s what I feel went well in this interaction.

Cold reads

Women love when you make assumptions about their personality. It is far more engaging than asking boring interview-style questions.

After I ask about her vivid imagination, listen to how she reacts. She’s clearly very engaged and wants to swap contact details straight away.

Passing shit tests

As she stares at my Instagram, she comments on my gym pictures and starts to try and make fun of me.

I pass the shit test by agreeing and exaggerating.

She continues to say that she’s “not a fan of weight people” so I take the opportunity to actually explain why I love to go to the gym. I’d say she’s won over 🙂

Admitting I used to be shy

If you have flaws, own them!

I make a habit of bringing up the fact I used to be shy – and had to work on myself to become more confident. Women never react badly when I do this. As long as you own it in your voice and demeanour, they will respect your honesty.

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