How To Feel Good Enough

If you wondering how to feel good enough for a beautiful woman, this is the guide for you. It’s packed with ideas and exercises to shift your mindset around.

Hey, it’s Ciaran.

I want you to read the next sentence very carefully.

One of the main reasons you’re currently unattractive to hot women is because you think you are.

We all create stories in our head about who we are, and they’re usually based on the events that happen to us…

Let’s say you tell some joke in the playground on your first day at school, you might tell yourself that this means you’re funny and cool.

You might then continue to display the behaviours of a funny cool person all the way into adulthood, because that’s who you think you are.

Sadly, it often works the other way around.

Perhaps you had your heart broken by your crush in school, or bullies teased you for being a loser.

You might then continue to display the behaviours of a loser who women don’t like.

When you truly believe you’re a certain type of person, your brain opens up the circuits that let you easily access this person’s behaviours. When you don’t believe it, it’s a lot harder.

In this case, the brain shuts down the circuits that allow you to be loud, funny, brave, confident, sexually open.

Instead, it focuses on not embarrassing yourself like the loser you think you are…

The good news is that it’s possible to reprogram your brain to believe you’re a champion who deserves success in all areas of life.

Honestly, most of the exercises I complete with my clients are centered around doing just that. If you agree that these types of exercises could help boost your self-esteem, I want to help. 

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If you don’t want to become more self-confident right away, that’s fine too. Below are five ideas to help you feel more good enough around women.

How To Feel Good Enough: 5 Undeniable Truths To Boost Your Self-Esteem

It’s important for you to understand that wondering how to feel good enough is the underlying cause of most bad game…

  • It stops you feeling free and unstifled in your communication.

  • It makes you eject from the set unnecessarily, because you assume she’s not into it.

  • It stops you escalating physically or going for the pull, because you assume she won’t like it.

  • It makes you put on this weird song and dance and do stupid shit, because you assume ‘being yourself’ won’t hook her attention.

  • Most commonly of all, it manifests as ‘approach anxiety’ and stops you speaking to her in the first place.

Do you make these mistakes with women you’re not attracted to? Exactly…

The question is: what can you do to fix this problem and get the girls you actually want?

Well, reading this article is a great start.

Below are five undeniable facts, which shatter the myth that you’re not ‘good enough’ to speak to a beautiful woman.

Where possible, I’ve included tips to help you prove these brutal truths to yourself.

Internalise these points, follow the advice, and you’ll be well on your way to feeling worthy of even the world’s most beautiful women.

Let’s begin…

1. Girls react to emotions, not logic

Even if you don’t think you’re good enough for a woman, you can still sleep with her by learning to spike her emotions and pull.

This is a skill which you can practice and improve.

Once you become good enough at this skill, you become ‘good enough’ to get her.

This message was the essence of Mystery’s teachings back in the day. It became popular because men who learned it could get girls without having to work on themselves.

“If Style can get Britney Spears’ phone number, maybe I can pick up Barbara from accounts.”

Most modern pick-up material focuses on building a lifestyle that women would want to be part of, which is brilliant.

Yet, the fact remains you can still get laid by being a piece of shit who’s really good at game.

Maybe you’re not good at game yet, and that’s why you don’t feel good enough for your dream girl. Well, the more approaches you do, the better you’re going to get…

(This isn’t the healthiest attitude. It’s a big reason why ‘pick-up artists’ get a lot of stick. But it’s true. In a bar or club at least, the bum with good game beats the boring guy who’s got his life together)

2. You’ve been taught to not feel good enough

Feeling not ‘good enough’ is an opinion.

There was definitely a time when you felt good enough to talk to anyone – your early childhood.

No babies are born shy – and most young children think EVERYONE should listen to whatever they have to say.

You probably felt like this at some point.

However, the majority of people eventually fall victim to criticism or abuse, either from our family or from bullies at school.

At some point, we’re told we CAN’T be an astronaut when we grow up. We’re NOT worthy of being the centre of attention. We’re NOT the coolest kid in class. Hear that enough as a child and you start believing it.

Thankfully, there are ways to coach yourself back into self-love.

  • I highly recommend writing down a list of all the things you love about yourself. This can be physical attributes, personality traits, or past achievements. If there are any aspects of yourself you’re working on, include this too, because most people aren’t trying to improve themselves at all. Try to make 50 bullets on that list. That’ll do a lot for your self-esteem.

Here’s another simple exercise. It involves relaxing yourself into a meditative state, picturing your inner child and showing him all the cool stuff you have in your adult life. Show him all the things he was too naive to ever believe he’d have, then give him all the compliments you wish you’d got when you were small. Notice how great you feel after you’re done.

3. You’re probably a lot better than you realise

It’s easier than you realise to be an above-average male.

How many men have the bravery to cold approach a woman while sober? How many men are actively learning how to excite a woman? Let’s estimate it at around 1%.

How many men are actively working to improve themselves in other ways, be it financially, physically, spiritually etc. It has previously been estimated at 3%.

If you’re doing all these things, you’re a diamond in the rough.

Let’s look at some stats about the average man.

  • He has six sexual partners in his lifetime.

  • He couples up with a woman from his work or his social circle.

  • If he gets married, there’s a 50% chance it’ll end in divorce, most likely initiated by the woman, most probably because he never learned how to excite a woman and has no plans to improve himself in the future.

Meanwhile, the classic pick-up newbie is doing all this ‘diamond in the rough’ self-improvement, yet wondering how to feel good enough for the 6s and 7s in the club.

What do these bottle rats bring to the table? Well, that brings me to my next point…

4. You’re probably over-estimating the value of beautiful women

The ’10’ with the beautiful face and perfect ass that every man wants to have sex with.

Does that alone really make you wonder how to feel good enough to have her?

Sure, she gets overwhelmed with validation from men, which gives her a sense of status especially in a nightclub.

Yet, underneath all that, she’s just a human are riddled with human insecurities.

She makes silly jokes. She does smelly farts. She forgets to shave their legs. She may well spend half the day on Instagram comparing herself to models with millions of followers.

It’s very possible that she hasn’t developed her personality at all, because (as explored earlier) most people don’t.

She sees herself as a normal human. She values people who provide positive emotions without putting her on a pedestal.

When you approach her, do that. Then, once you’re in a conversation, get to work finding out if her personality is ‘good enough’ for you.

5. Deciding you’re ‘good enough’ is half the battle

Women want to be led by a confident man.

If you really believe you’re ‘good enough’ to speak with them, they’ll fall into that frame.

If you believe in yourself enough to lead them confidently, you’ll often lead them back to your bedroom with ease.

Most of ‘game’ is believing in yourself and being in the right place at the right time.

The bottom line is that women want to have sex with a cool guy. Provided there are no negative consequences, they’ll usually do it.

Go out and see for yourselves…

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