6 Benefits I Gained By Working On Myself Daily For 6 Months

Yo yo yo. So it’s like this, in 2019 I spent 6 months pushing myself to be the best version of myself. It was a challenge called Project Alpha and in it I literally faced extreme discomfort all day every single day in the name of personal growth. It was one of the most difficult but also the most impactful things I ever did and I’m gonna explain exactly why, but first, here is a list of the tasks I did every day.

Vision board

I created an image gallery of things that represented my ideal life and looked at it daily to reprogram my subconscious to naturally go after them.

Intermittent fasting

I fasted 18 hours a day to calm my nervous system, burn body fat, and encourage my body to self heal through a process called autophagy.


I worked out and did interval training 5 days a week to build muscle, burn fat, and boost my discipline.


I sat in the sauna for 20 minutes every day after the gym. The sauna boosts brain power, lowers stress, removes toxins from the body, promotes good sleep, boosts athletic performance, and so much more.

Wim Hoff Breathing

These were breathing exercises I did daily. They’re great for – Stress reduction – Faster recovery from physical exertion – Better sleep – Improved sports performance – Enhanced creativity – More focus and mental clarity.


I created a list of traits that I wanted to have and passionately told myself that I did have them for like 20 minutes a day. It gave me a massive confidence boost.

Watching videos on sales

To brush up on my sales skills and boost my earning potential.

Listing obstacles I’d overcome 

I wrote out a daily list of all the obstacles I’d overcome to boost my self esteem.

Listing my positive points

I wrote out every single positive trait I had.

Planning my future

I worked out what I wanted in my future and exactly how I was going to get it.

Staring into my dark side

I took time out from each and every day to stare into my deepest insecurities. From what I’ve learned the best way to overcome trauma is to face it head on. Not to run away from it by listening to music, watching tv, shopping or anything else.

Talking to my inner child

I developed a relationship with the 8 year old version of myself who didn’t think he was good enough because the world told him that was true.


I forgave myself for everything I did to other people, and I forgave other people for everything they did to me. Hatred weighs down the soul and makes you a miserable version of yourself.


I wrote a diary of my thoughts and feelings about myself and life, this helped me explore my deepest darkest motivations and work through them.

Made videos 

I made daily videos that chronicled my progress and shared them on social media.


Now before I speak about the benefits I got, I want to say that something I realised is that time passes regardless of what you do. Those 6 months were tough but they came and went and guess what? They’d have come and gone regardless of what I did. I could have wasted those 6 months or I could have used them to better myself but one way or another they were going to pass. I chose the latter and now get to live with those benefits.


Benefit 1. Discipline

I’m not a naturally disciplined person but doing all the above made me become one.

Benefit 2. Better Body

I look better, fitter, and sexier. What else is there to say?

Benefit 3 – Better Habits

The benefits of Project Alpha carried over into my daily life and now I just have healthier habits. Take the sauna for instance, that’s just a part of my life now. It’s not something I have to push myself to do, I just do it.

Benefit 4 – Self- Mastery/ Respect

I’ve gained mastery over the part of me that sabotages my progress and I’m massively proud of myself for doing something so hard for so long.

Benefit 5 – I Wrote Half A Book

Pretty awesome, right?

Benefit 6 – Belief In Myself And My Future

I know what I want and need to do to get there. The future seems clear and bright now. 


Before I speak about the struggles I had, I want to say that my life has been on a constant upward trajectory since this challenge. It was easily the least exciting of all the challenges I’ve done, for sure, but it’s also been the most impactful. My health, earnings, finances, fitness, self esteem and lifestyle are leaps and bounds above what they used to be and it’s all because of Project Alpha.


Now here are the things I struggled with:


Every day I battled with the part of me that was scared and wanted me to stay the same. This meant I had to fight myself to exercise, use the sauna, do Wim Hoff Breathing and pretty much everything else, that really wasn’t easy.

Finding the time

This was an epic list and I actually didn’t do everything on it every day. However, I did so much more than I would have done if I’d never created the list.


I’m not naturally organised so structuring my life around this challenge was fucking hard.

Fear of what people thought

I really struggled with this. I asked myself what people would think by seeing me do all that stuff and agonised over it daily. The truth is that while I’m sure some people thought I was an idiot (I posted this among other places on my personal FB page) lots of people thought I was really inspirational. I even had some friends start similar projects because I inspired them. And in the end who cares what people think? If I’d  one done this challenge because of their opinions I now wouldn’t have the benefits of having done it so fuck them. Fuck them right in the ear.


Here Were My Most Impactful Exercises

  • Affirmations
  • Fired me up to crush it after I did them
  • Sauna
  • Felt fitter and stronger after the sauna – slept better too
  • Sitting with the pain
  • I overcame a lot of dark shit during those 6 months


Did this inspire you? If so, let me know.


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