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I take men who don’t know how to meet women & give them an abundance they never dreamed possible. I take meek mice & turn them into wild lions. If you follow my instructions I’ll change your life, and that’s a fact.

What Happens If You DON’T Learn Game?

This Motivational Exercise Will Kick Your Ass And Change Your Life Yo, it’s Ciaran. Are you still struggling with approach anxiety? Perhaps you just can’t find the motivation to go out and meet new women in this ‘new normal’ era? If so, LISTEN UP. I’ve just published a video revealing my #1 MOST POWERFUL MOTIVATIONAL […]Read More

Podcast #26: Female DJ Says Women Want To Be Destroyed

In this episode Ciaran spoke to Montreal-based trap DJ Tokyo Mamii. They discussed: How having a diverse range of interests makes you a much more interesting and unique person How you have to be in tune with your sexual energy in order to connect with a woman How women are inherently more sexual than men How […]Read More

Podcast #25: How Matthew Got His Groove Back

In this episode Ciaran spoke to his coaching client Matthew, a man who’s been working with him for 3 months and gotten fantastic results from his coaching. They discussed: How Matthew had been recently dumped before starting coaching with Ciaran and had completely lost his confidence. He didn’t know how to talk to women and […]Read More

Podcast #24: A Harsh Truth About Women Men Don’t Know

In today’s episode, Ciaran spoke to Australian PUA Dave Lee about hypergamy, the tendency many women have to trade in their current man for one who’s more alpha In it they discussed: Why women often bounce from less alpha to more alpha men The factors that determine when this will happen How male and female […]Read More

Ashamed Of Being A ‘Pick-Up Artist’?

Hey, it’s Ciaran. Are you ashamed of being outed as a ‘pick-up artist’? Would you be embarrassed if someone found out you studied game? I suppose I understand why you feel that way… After all, the media has never stopped shaming ‘pick-up artists’ for supposedly ‘tricking’ and ‘manipulating’ women into bed. People who have never […]Read More

What Happens When You Don’t Approach?

It’s more toxic than you may think… Hey, it’s Ciaran. Have you been taking enough steps to improve your dating life lately? If not, this message is for you. I know it can be uncomfortable cold-approaching women… I understand it might be more difficult in the first few months of this ‘new normal’… I know […]Read More

Podcast #22: How Stefano Got His Groove Back

In today’s episode Ciaran spoke to his former coaching client Stefano, a guy who signed up to his coaching program last year and got life changing results from it. Here they talk about what his life was like before they started working together, how’s it’s improved, and what it was that made Ciaran’s coaching so […]Read More

Podcast #21: The Advantage Of Having A Small Dick

In this episode of the podcast Ciaran spoke to his friend Kitty, an exotic dancer from Florida. They spoke about: The importance of freely expressing yourself sexually How to have threesomes The biggest mistake guys make in the bedroom Why a man needs to take control in the bedroom Whether or not all women are […]Read More

What To Do When Your Friends Don’t Support You

Here’s what to do… Hey it’s Ciaran. If there’s something I know completely, it’s how easy it is to feel alone on this journey of improving your social skills. Most likely, none of the people you know what to join you on this journey. Most likely, some will make fun of you. Most likely, a […]Read More