Ciaran Callam

I take men who don’t know how to meet women & give them an abundance they never dreamed possible. I take meek mice & turn them into wild lions. If you follow my instructions I’ll change your life, and that’s a fact.

Do This To Guarantee She Replies

Sick of meeting women who seem to like you in person but don’t reply to your messages? I’m with you bro and I’ve got you covered, here’s what you need to do:   USE CALLBACK HUMOUR   But what is that? Callback humour is a technique standup comedians use in their sets. Essentially the comedian […]Read More

How To Not Be Fucking Boring With Words

So before I get started, let me say that it’s ridiculously difficult to keep a woman’s interest with words alone. 93% of your communication comes from your body language, eye contact, and vocal tonality. This means that only 7% of the feeling a woman gets from you in person comes from the specific words you […]Read More

How To Approach Any Girl With Zero Fear Whatsoever

Approach anxiety is something that’s affected every man on the planet so to everyone who’s reading these words you’re in damn good company men. You’re not alone and we’ve all been there.   You see that hot girl sitting across from you on the train and want to start a conversation with her but instead […]Read More

Ping Messages

Something I get asked a lot is what’s the best type of message to send to get a girl’s attention and to that, my dear friend, I always say the ping message.   Now the word ping comes from internet terminology. Basically a modem ping determines if a device is up and running by sending […]Read More

Choose Your Friends Wisely

So there’s another thing I’ve come to learn about success with women, well success with anything to be honest. Basically if you want to really succeed in any area of life you need to surround yourself with people who are on the same journey as you.   There’s people I know who are moody, unambitious, […]Read More

6 Benefits I Gained By Working On Myself Daily For

Yo yo yo. So it’s like this, in 2019 I spent 6 months pushing myself to be the best version of myself. It was a challenge called Project Alpha and in it I literally faced extreme discomfort all day every single day in the name of personal growth. It was one of the most difficult […]Read More

How To Meet Your Dream Woman

If you’ve been watching my content you’ll have seen me posting pics and videos with this woman here lately. Loosely put, she’s my ideal girl and there’s a huge number of things that came together for us to meet. In this post, however; I’m going to focus on the top two which are:   1 […]Read More

How I Learned To Seduce Women With My Eyes

So you’ve probably heard of the inner and outer games, right? Well assuming you haven’t, the out game consists of specific things you do or say to impress a woman and the inner game is all about who you are as a person.   So basically if you walk up to two girls and say […]Read More

You Have to Realise You Don’t Need The Girl To

Hey hey people   So over a year ago I did a challenge called 100 Women in 50 Days. It was a huge learning experience for me which taught me loads about male and female interaction and psychology and honestly one of the best things I ever did.   If there’s one takeaway that I […]Read More