How To Create A Great Tinder Profile

This guide explains how to create a great Tinder profile and good Tinder bio (for guys).

Hey it’s Ciaran.

The success of your online dating profile will be primarily down to your pictures. You may have heard a million times, but it’s true… 

Our first tip is to get some quality photos taken with a decent DSLR camera. It’ll make a huge difference. A high-quality picture stands out among the crowd. It communicates high status. Most importantly, it makes you look better. Meanwhile, even the most photogenic person in the world looks forgettable in a grainy, blurry photo. 

The video above goes into depth about how to create an incredible profile.  

Here are some more general guidelines for your photos. 

  • Outdoor photos make you seem more social and active. Also, you’ll look best with natural sunlight shining on your face. 
  • A variety of different photos is ideal. Ideally, you’re not wearing the same outfit in any of them. 
  • Include at least one group shot. If not, she’ll assume you have no friends. 
  • Make an effort! There’s nothing wrong with getting a fresh haircut, hiring a professional photographer and wearing your best clothes. This is your dating life on the line, and these things can make a difference. Filters are fine to use too, although don’t overdo it. 
  • Use apps like Coffee Meets Bagel, Pickerr or Tinder’s own ‘Smart Photos’ to help you decide on your best images. Real people will vote on your best shots on each of these apps.

How To Create A Good Tinder Bio

Don’t be that idiot who’s ‘too cool’ to write a bio. Yes, lengthy bios come across as too try-hard, but no bio comes across as lazy and stupid. 

  • Keep it short and snappy. No longer than a tweet (140 characters) 
  • Add the main three things you want her to know about you right at the top. 
  • Use humour. 
  • Be original. It should give her an impression of what you’re like, not some dating expert on the internet. 
  • Use spell-check. 
  • If you’re 6″ plus, include your height. 
  • Be original. Avoid cliches about “Tinderellas” or how you love to “live each day like it’s the last” 
  • Stay positive. Don’t degrade yourself or online dating. Say what you ARE looking for, not your deal-breakers.

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