How To Get Her Contact Details

This video guide suggests how to ask a girl for her number or social media details effectively.

We’ve all been in situations where we’re with a girl we like, the conversation’s going well, and we want to ask for her number or social media details. But the thing is that we don’t know how to do it properly and in a way that looks cool; and we’re also usually scared of letting her know we’re interested and looking creepy as a result.

Every guy reading this post has been there at some point and it’s a massively stressful experience. You know that if you do nothing she’s lost forever but you’re scared that you’ll ruin it by trying to get her details in an inelegant way.

If you can relate to what I just said then this post’s for you, my friend. So let’s get started with:

The huge mistake most guys make when asking for a girl’s number

The mistake that most guys make is awkwardly waiting until the end of the conversation to ask rather than doing it spontaneously. They spend the entire chat with that fateful question burning away in the back of their brains before timidly blurting it out just before they part ways with the girl. Now this is bad for a few reasons:

1. It makes the girl think your entire reason for talking to her was to get her number

Girls don’t like it when they think you have a hidden agenda behind anything you do with them. They don’t like the tiniest whiff of that notion to be honest. Any time a girl gets the impression that there’s something going on behind the scenes with you that they don’t know about, they’ll usually assume the worse and extricate themselves from the situation.

2. It turns it into this big, scary, and uncomfortable thing

If there’s one thing most women can’t stand, it’s awkward situations, and most will do anything they can to avoid them. By waiting until the end of the conversation to awkwardly bring up swapping details you’re letting her know that this is something you’re uncomfortable with. That in turn will make her feel uncomfortable too and her gut reaction will be to bail or reject you. One thing to remember when you’re dealing with girls is that they’re only ever going to be as at ease with you as you are with yourself and the situation at hand. If you’re nervous about asking for her number then don’t expect her to be comfortable with giving it to you. Finally, girls are attracted to confidence so anything you do that implies insecurity isn’t going to set her heart on fire.

Asking her halfway through the conversation is basically what you’d do if you weren’t so scared or nervous. You’d just be having fun with her and then say ‘Hey, let’s hang out sometime.’ She’d say yeah, then you’d swap numbers, and go right back to the fun. Any time you’ve swapped numbers with a guy it was most likely a situation just like that. Something cool, easy, and free from pressure.

Anyway, here’s a step by step guide to asking for her number in a way that will make her give it to you

Step 1. Tell her you’d like to hang out at a high point in the convo

When the conversation is at a high point, like you’ve just said something funny or made a really insightful comment that’s she’s reacted well to, that’s when you’re gonna drop it. Like I said earlier, say ‘Hey, we should hang out some time.’ Don’t ask if she’d like to hang out, assume that she will. Trust me, that confidence will be very attractive. Maybe she’ll throw up some sort of resistance by saying that she doesn’t give her number out to people she doesn’t really know, but if she does, that’s only a shit test and should be treated as such.

Crack a joke about how she’ll be completely safe because you’re now a reformed man who’s put his stalking days well behind him and she’ll likely laugh and say ‘OK then!’ Just remember that none of this is a big deal. It’s all fun and games and you’re not taking any of it too seriously. You’re not invested in the outcome at all, you’re just having fun in the moment and spreading good vibes.

Anyway, when she does agree to swap numbers that will move us onto:

Step 2. Give her your phone for her to put her number in

Now as I said just above, when you do this, it’s imperative that you have an air about you that seems like this isn’t a big deal at all. Remember that if you’re uncomfortable then she’ll be uncomfortable too. Give her your phone, tell her to put her number in and then look away while she does it. This isn’t anything stressful, it’s a very casual, very normal, very regular part of your conversation. If you want, you can take her phone and put your number in too. (For special bonus points you can save it as something funny like ‘Sex Machine’ which will give her a huge laugh when you text her).

Step 3. Go right back to having fun immediately afterwards

If I haven’t said this before, let me say it now. Getting her number isn’t this big, scary, and stressful occurrence. It’s a natural expression of the fun you guys were already having together. So with that in mind, for the love of all that’s good and holy, go right back to having fun as soon as it’s done. This way she’ll feel at ease and comfortable with giving you her details and not like she’s been dragged into anything weird.

Extra bonus step – Use callback humour when you eventually message her

Callback humour is something comedians do. The idea is that you say something funny which makes the audience laugh and then reference it again for extra chuckles later on in the set, and you’re going to do exactly that when you text this girl. Let’s say for instance that during your conversation with her you said, ‘I’m the undisputed Emperor of Japan! All hail the emperor of Japan!’, then when you message her, you’re gonna say something like “This is the Emperor of Japan and you will kneel before me!’

Assuming she found it funny when you first said it, then calling back to it when you message her will remind her of the great time she had with you, get her laughing again and almost certainly have her responding.

As Bugs Bunny once said “That’s All Folks!” Now you know how to ask a girl for her number or social media details. (And just to confirm this strategy works the same when asking for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media IDs)

You probably think this guide was a bit simplistic and low on technical knowledge but the truth is that asking a girl for her number is actually a pretty simple thing to do. We as guys tend to put unnecessary pressure on ourselves and end up making what should be a fun and easy interaction into something uncomfortable. Take care and put this info to good use.

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