How To Interrupt

In this video, Joe demonstrates how to interrupt a group in a way that’ll make them immediately think you’re more interesting than what they were doing. 

Hey hey, it’s Ciaran.  

A lot of men can’t handle the idea of approaching a hottie while she’s in a group.

Are you one of them?

A big reason for this is because guys feel uncomfortable interrupting. 

Sure, on paper, it’s considered ‘rude’.

But you’ve probably noticed that most alpha-males have no problem taking control of a conversation. 

This shows confidence and leadership skills, which are attractive traits. 

Here are the key principles to remember when interrupting a group 

1. Believe you’re more interesting than whatever they’re doing

Most guys fear interrupting because they’re worried about ruining the group’s good time

My question is: why aren’t you excited about giving them an even better time

This concept isn’t as far-fetched as you think. 

There’s little that’s more exciting for a woman than a confident attractive man giving her a compliment, and flirting with her. 

If it goes well, and you end up in a romantic or sexual relationship, well there’s DEFINITELY little that’s more exciting than that. 

Believe in yourself, you got this!

2. Be loud and proud! 

With positive confident body language, you’re sub-communicating that what you have to say is awesome! The group will pick up on that and be more willing to hear you out. 

With meek body language and a quiet apologetic voice, you’re more likely to get ignored or told to go away. 

3. Be outcome-independent 

Your goal shouldn’t be to make them like you. 

It should be to spread awesomeness that makes their day better. 

You’re giving good vibes, not hoping to receive them. 

Ironically, it’s this attitude that makes people respond to you amazingly well. 

Check out how I do it if you haven’t already 

We have a guide to approaching groups in the ‘Approaching Women’ chapter of this course.

In this guide, I break down all the key principles of winning over when she’s with her friends.

These principles apply whether you’re interrupting or not!

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