How To Swing Through The Open

It’s important to learn how to keep talking even when a woman is initially acting cold towards you. We call this swinging through the open. This guide will explain how to do that.

Hey hey it’s Ciaran.

Here are the main points of this guide on swinging through the open.

Know your worth

When you believe that it’s truly a win-win for this woman to meet you, it’ll be easier to remain comfortable when she doesn’t open up to you straight away.


When you’re speaking about topics that entertain you, it’s way easier to keep talking. This will put you in a fun carefree mood that’ll help her open up to you.

The more you practice this, the easier it becomes

It can be nerve-wracking to swing through the open, especially if you’re still struggling to overcome approach anxiety. However, it may soothe you to know that this get easier the more you practice it. Our guide on never running out of things to say will help you.

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