Positive & Negative Emotional Spikes

This is an advanced technique that can help spike a woman’s emotions and make her more interested in you.

Yo it’s Ciaran. Here are the main takeaways from this video.

Challenge girls 

Don’t put them on pedestals because they don’t like it and it demeans you. Tease them playfully and have fun with them. Teasing girls conveys that you’re not intimidated by them because men don’t tease women they feel like they’re beneath.

Listen to how Joe teases the girl about whether or not she’s heard of London, or if she knows how to party without drinking. Also; notice that he’s constantly asking them to prove themselves to him.

Have standards

Joe said he likes girls who are spontaneous and adventurous just before asking her to swap details. That will make her want to live up to the expectation he’s placed on her.

Be extremely positive with her friends

When approaching a group of girls, you only need your target to be attracted to you, not her friend. All her friend needs to do is like you as a person so she talks you up to your target. So with that in mind, be very positive with all of your target’s friends.

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