AI Online Dating: Getting 5,000 Tinder Matches With ChatGPT

 AI Online Dating: Getting 5,000 Tinder Matches With ChatGPT

An extraordinary story caught the attention of AI enthusiasts recently when Aleksandr Zhadan revealed that he had used ChatGPT to talk to 5,000 women on Tinder, and then used ChatGPT yet again to propose and get married.

The AI Online Dating Podcast is pioneering the uncharted area at the intersection of artificial intelligence and online dating.

On our third episode of the AI Online Dating Podcast, we had a panel of 4 people to represent AI and to represent online dating.

Online Dating Panel:

  • Mitchell Goudie (Founder of KiKi, the queer social network for curated events, arranging plans, and serendipitous encounters)

AI & Online Dating Panel:

  • Ice White (Creator of MGAI, the AI wingman for online dating)
  • Aleksandr Zhadan (AI Instructor at Skillbox)
  • Sriram Durbha (ML Lead & Senior Software Engineer at Google, the Internet giant)


Using ChatGPT To Get 5,000 Matches

Aleksandr Zhadan shared his extremely complex diagrams that help explain how he used ChatGPT on Tinder not only to determine if profiles were worthy of swiping right, but also to message the Tinder matches and schedule dates.

AI Online Dating Podcast MGAI Message Game AI Aleksandr Zhadan Textgame Text Game Flowchart Tinder Playing With Fire PWF PlayingWithFire Message Game Ice White ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence

He set up parameters whereby he did not want to swipe right on profiles that:

  • Have no bio
  • Have less than 2 photos
  • Mention ‘I don’t chat here, message me on Instagram’
  • Are located further than 20KM away
  • Have photos with flowers

In order to determine if he should get the phone number, or Telegram in Aleksandr Zhadan’s case, there must be 60 messages sent in total. This then triggers a message prompting Tinder matches to move off Tinder and to continue messaging via Telegram (The equivalent of WhatsApp).

Once there are 140 messages on Telegram, a date proposal is made.


How ChatGPT Prompts Her For A Date

It is interesting that this essentially means 200 messages need to be sent back and forth in order to score a date, as it is a clear goal that endless messaging will inevitably exceed, which filters out Tinder matches who stop replying before that number is reached. However, once we break down these message game checkpoints we can see it even clearer.

  • Exchanging 60 messages on Tinder
  • Exchanging contact details
  • Exchanging 140 messages outside of Tinder

By reaching the checkpoint of exchanging contact details, there is already action taken on her side to move forward with the interaction; which we can refer to as compliance.

A girl messaging you hundreds of times is surely a good sign and can therefore be used to initiate a date proposal; according to Aleksandr Zhadan’s system. However, the rules of messaging outlined in the book The Message Game, a guide on messaging girls on Tinder which inspired popular AI wingman product MGAI, follow a different set of rules. These rules are:

  • Skip The Bullshit
  • Lead
  • Meet

The methodology of The Message Game does not rely on the number of messages that can be sent. In fact, the rules of messaging women followed in The Message Game can get phone numbers from Tinder within 2 or 3 messages, and without even using artificial intelligence at all. While setting a high quota for messages can easily have a correlation between number of messages sent beyond a certain point and the likelihood of meeting and going on a date, it is simply fascinating that there are other ways you can message your way into getting phone numbers and going on dates without an easily programmable parameter.


List Of Topics Discussed

  • Future Of Dating With Artificial Intelligence
  • The Guy Who Used ChatGPT To Talk To 5,000 Women On Tinder & Get A Wife
  • Aleksandr Zhadan’s Tinder AI Flowchart
  • Aleksandr Zhadan’s Tinder AI Messages
  • Proposing Using ChatGPT
  • Using ChatGPT For Love
  • Using AI To Match On Dating Apps
  • Are Current Dating App Designs Bad For Us?
  • The Real Goal Is To Meet
  • AI Robot Girlfriends
  • Will AI Companions Be The Downfall Of Society?
  • How Men Use AI For Messaging
  • KiKi Queer Dating App
  • AI Dating Projects
  • AI Robot Dating


Let’s Discuss AI Online Dating

Since coming out with MGAI and the AI Online Dating Podcast, I have been interviewed by multiple journalists about artificial intelligence in online dating and received a lot of interest in joining the next few episodes.

I invite you to email me at [email protected] if you would like to discuss any of the following:

  • Coming onto the podcast
  • Finding statistics about AI being used for dating (We have a lot of interesting finds, statistics and data)
  • Writing about AI’s crossover with dating for your article or blog

I would love to help you with whatever the case may be.


How To Get More Matches On Tinder Using MGAI

MGAI is the original AI wingman for online dating, and the only one that comes with a bestselling book. It is the first AI wingman to also come with webinars to help you improve your Tinder profile, hosted by a former founder of a dating app.


MGAI Message Game AI Tinder Wingman Tinder Statistics AI Wingman For Online Dating TinderAI Winggg WingmanGPT Rizz RizzGPT


AI Online Dating Statistics

Artificial Intelligence

8% of men have a negative view of AI being used for online dating.
73% of men have a positive view of AI being used for online dating.
22% of men would use an AI wingman to do all the messaging for them.
More than 68% of men would use an AI wingman as guidance to craft their own messages.



ChatGPT uses many sources of information across databases and the Internet, and can be confidently incorrect.
Men say that ChatGPT for online dating is vague, limited, generic, boring and politically correct.
Only 7% of men find ChatGPT useful for online dating advice.



MGAI is trained on extremely high quality datasets, based on large collections of men’s screenshots.
100% of MGAI’s trained data set references come from heterosexual men’s message interactions.
MGAI’s reported bad responses are manually analyzed by dating experts and fed back into AI.
MGAI is the only AI wingman that comes with live webinars.
MGAI is the only AI wingman with its own book.
86% of users use MGAI for Tinder.
76% of users use MGAI for Bumble.
76% of users use MGAI for Instagram.
74% of users use MGAI for WhatsApp.
63% of users use MGAI for Hinge.
47% of users use MGAI for SMS.
42% of users use MGAI for Facebook.
24% of users use MGAI for Hinge.


(Source: Game Global, 2023)

Ice White

Ice is a Canadian bestselling author, and founder of Game Global. His book, The Message Game, is the most practical book on online dating and has helped thousands of men around the world get dates within days of reading it. He is also the creator of MGAI, the AI wingman for online dating.

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