How I Learned To Seduce Women With My Eyes

 How I Learned To Seduce Women With My Eyes

So you’ve probably heard of the inner and outer games, right? Well assuming you haven’t, the out game consists of specific things you do or say to impress a woman and the inner game is all about who you are as a person.


So basically if you walk up to two girls and say “hey guys who lies more, women or men?” That’s an outer game technique, but if your voice is trembling when you say it then that shows a problem with your inner game.


The inner game is literally 80% (maybe even more) of the job when it comes to attracting women but when I was younger I just had no idea of that.


Back in the day my game was 1000% verbal. My goal was to wow and dazzle the girl with how witty and intelligent I was and basically talk her into the bedroom.


I had mixed results doing that tbh but it was way better than what I had before so I was totally happy. But guess what happened?


Remember how I said I used to go out and get absolutely wasted when I was younger? I wasn’t lying, bro. I really did, I used to get fucked up 2 days a week MINIMUM.


So with that in mind there was this one day when I was out at a club and on a cocktail of drugs, ecstasy, weed, and alcohol.


My brain was blitzed as blitzed could be. I was well and truly, undeniably, unequivocally fucked up to the point where I couldn’t talk. Literally, I just couldn’t do it.


But despite that I somehow ended up getting with this girl. Don’t ask me how but we were slow grinding on the dance floor even though I was so wasted. Like seriously, the connection between my brain and my vocal chords was severed and I just wasn’t able to get words out and part of me was freaking out about it.


Like I said before, when it came to seduction, words were my crutch back then and without them I felt naked. I ‘knew’ there’d be no way for me to keep this girl interested without being witty. I just knew it. But still, I was fucked up and unable to speak so what the hell was I gonna do?


What I did was the only thing I could which was to fuck her with my eyes. I’m not sure where this came from  but for at least 30 minutes I just gave that girl the most intense eye contact possible. 


I looked at her in a way that said:


“You want me. You know you do. I’m sexy as fuck and there’s not a single chance of you resisting me, is there?”



I’m serious btw I didn’t say a single word with my mouth I did it all with my eyes.


And then what happened?


That’s right, she got really turned on. Massively turned on in fact. She just kept gazing into my eyes and telling me how beautiful they were.


“You’ve got gorgeous eyes, they’re just amazing. So gorgeous.”


She was putty in my hands and in that moment I could do whatever I wanted with her.


She didn’t know I was too high to talk, she was just blown away by my mesmerising eyes.


Now did I actually do whatever I wanted with her? No, because despite being on a cocktail of drugs I was still too shy to make a move way back then.




But still, that encounter showed me a very important lesson which I’ve never forgotten. It showed me that words aren’t nearly as important as we think they are. It’s all about your vibe and a great way to communicate that is through powerful eye contact.


If you have a strong and confident vibe the words will take care of themselves. Hell, if you have a strong and confident vibe you won’t really need words that much.


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