Podcast #26: Female DJ Says Women Want To Be Destroyed In Bed

 Podcast #26: Female DJ Says Women Want To Be Destroyed In Bed

In this episode Ciaran spoke to Montreal-based trap DJ Tokyo Mamii. They discussed:

  • How having a diverse range of interests makes you a much more interesting and unique person
  • How you have to be in tune with your sexual energy in order to connect with a woman
  • How women are inherently more sexual than men
  • How pleasing a woman sexually differs from pleasing a man
  • How long a sex session needs to be for a woman to be fully satisfied
  • How the strongest and most successful women are likely to really need a dominant man to own them in mind, body and soul and truly make them feel feminine in the bedroom
  • The fact that all women are bisexual but some need coaxing to bring it out of them
  • How women look at a man’s entire outfit when judging his potential as a sex partner
  • How a woman needs to feel sexual energy radiating from the person she will have sex with
  • How sexual energy is largely communicated from the eyes
  • How important smelling great and having nice cologne is for men who want to attract women
  • How humour, self confidence, an open mind and a slightly cocky personality are extremely attractive qualities for a man to have
  • How the purpose of life is to experiment with new things and grow from them
  • How she once gave her girlfriend a threesome as a present
  • The ins and outs of sex parties and how they work
  • How complete and utter honesty is essential for success in dating
  • How men often take things way too seriously where women are concerned and are threatened by tall, confident, and successful women
  • The best way to let a woman know you just want sex and nothing more
  • How casual sex arrangements tend to not last that long
  • How being yourself and exploring your sexual interests is completely fineOK
  • The fact that big dicks are cool but hurt a lot
  • What a man with a little dick can do to satisfy a woman
  • The fact that some women actually prefer little dicks
  • The fact that sex doesn’t start with penetration, or even when people first touch or kiss, but way earlier
  • What a man who isn’t physically attractive can do to be incredibly desirable to a woman
  • The worst thing a man can do in the bedroom
  • The fact that being yourself means that some people will love you, some will hate you, but that ultimately they will all care about you
  • How haters are an inevitable sign of success and proof that you’re on the right path

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