Podcast #29: Your Brain Wants You To Not Get Girls

 Podcast #29: Your Brain Wants You To Not Get Girls

Ciaran put out a message in the Game Global Facebook group asking to find a newbie who’s at the beginning of his journey, is struggling to meet women, and would like to get some pointers on this podcast. A Nigerian living in America called Gabe jumped at the chance and this very episode features their conversation.

As for Gabe himself, he’s a guy who doesn’t know how to act or what to say around women. He also feels like he doesn’t make sense when he talks and isn’t smart or cool enough. He’s deeply frustrated that he can’t attract the women he wants, only the low quality women who he’s not interested in, and he’s basically lost and in need of help.

They discussed:

  • How to feel desirable, even if you’re different to what every else around you thinks is cool
  • How to be in the top 20% of men on dating apps so that women swipe right on you
  • Why we get stifled and shy around people we’re attracted to and how to turn that around
  • What makes some men naturally good with women
  • Why guys can struggle with women even after spending so much time researching pickup techniques
  • How your preconceived beliefs can make you miss the signals women send when they’re interested in you
  • Why it often feels like the girls you don’t like are the only ones who show you any interest
  • How to approach women in the gym without being creepy
  • Whether or not you should flirt with your interviewer
  • How to get the confidence to approach hot women wherever you see them
  • Why your brain likes you being crap with girls
  • How to get into a mental state where success with women is inevitable, not just a possibile
  • How to build your social skills every day without needing to rely on daygame

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