Podcast #50 – Life Lessons You Need To Hear

 Podcast #50 – Life Lessons You Need To Hear

Today’s episode is a dip back into the Game global archives as it features an interview Ciaran Callam & Joe Elvin did with a coach a couple years back on how to not only attract women but be the best man you can be.

Here you’ll learn

  • How throwing yourself into the fire of things that scare you kills your fear of them
  • Why becoming the person you want to be means knowing who that is and working towards becoming them every day
  • What the 18 – 40 – 60 rule is and how to use it to your advantage
  • The fact that the more successful you become at meeting women, the more you’ll stop caring about attracting tons of them
  • How the skills you develop meeting women transfer to other areas of life like job interviews, presentations, public speaking and much more
  • How depression can cause a downward spiral of negative thinking which makes sucks you in deeper and deeper unless you break free
  • How to tell a girl you’re improving your ability to meet women and have her actually cheer you for it
  • The main reason young men fail when learning to meet women
  • A little known technique to build massive comfort with a girl you you’ve just met
  • How today’s technology robs most men of the drive and motivation to meet women
  • Why consistently taking the easy way out and not expanding your comfort zone is a recipe for misery and failure in life

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