Podcast #52 – Why You MUST Get Over Your Fear Of Approaching Girls

 Podcast #52 – Why You MUST Get Over Your Fear Of Approaching Girls

In today’s episode of the podcast, Ciaran speaks about why caving into our fears holds us back massively with women.

Here you’ll learn:

  • What the fact that only 8% of our communication is verbal means for when you DM girls.
  • Why women who don’t know you will think the worst when reading your DMs
  • The disadvantages and disadvantages that come from meeting girls through dating apps, daygame, and social circle game
  • Why men who only use dating apps are usually terrified of rejection
  • Why you need to keep your mental state high when you get rejected by girls and how to do that
  • Why you need to become the person you’re pretending to be when you meet girls
  • Why the more rejected you get, the better you’ll become with women
  • How to start cold approaching, even if you’re far too scared to do it
  • The difference between being sexual and being creepy
  • Why building your confidence means going through a phase where you’re incongruent and come across as fake to some girls
  • Why a woman who rejects you on the street will forget you even exist in about 4 minutes
  • Why women won’t respect you if you’re too scared to approach them and need you to have the strength to do things that they can’t
  • The huge benefits that having female friends will bring to your dating life
  • How most you’re being hurt by the fact you don’t have standards for women’s personalities
  • Why women initially distrust and are slightly scared of you if they meet you through dating apps or by cold approach
  • The fact that 50% of the act of getting with a woman is her learning to trust you are a human being
  • The best places to go to meet women

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