18 Reasons You Should Love Rejections

 18 Reasons You Should Love Rejections

Getting rejected by a woman is actually good for you in a ton of ways.

I love facing rejection. You should love rejection too.

It’s way better than sitting there wondering what would have happened, anyway.

Here are 18 reasons why you should feel GREAT about getting rejected.

  1. You just proved you’re braver than 95% of guys, who would never have the balls to speak to a hottie like her.

  2. Telling someone you like them can be awkward for a few seconds. Not telling them can feel awkward forever.

  3. It’s not rejection. It’s a lack of chemistry.

  4. You’re not SUPPOSED to have chemistry with everyone.

  5. You’re entitled to your actions, but the fruits are never guaranteed. You can choose to be proud that you took the right action.

  6. It’s only uncomfortable if you decide it is.

  7. It’s NICE to tell someone you’re attracted to them. That’s your good deed for the day.

  8. Even the most embarrassing rejections become funny with time.

  9. You took action. Women barely ever make the first move. Without taking action, you’ll be single forever.

  10. The more rejections you face, the quicker you learn it’s no big deal.

  11. Rejection is character-building. You become icy, battle-hardened and generally give less fucks about anything.

  12. If you did something wrong, you can learn from it next time. It’s XP in the bank.

  13. Rejection kills your ego. It keeps you humble. Always a good thing.

  14. The more rejections you face, the closer you are to finding your dream woman.

  15. You’re now free of any anxiety you had about talking to her. It’s a weight off the shoulders.

  16. You spared yourself from the anguish of wondering ‘what if?’

  17. You now have an opportunity to triumph in adversity by hitting on someone else.

  18. When you find your ideal woman, you’ll be glad this not-as-good woman rejected you.

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