How To Break Tension During Daygame

Humour is the key to diffusing tension during daygame is to use humour.

Hey, it’s Ciaran.

The message of this video guide is simple.

Get the girl laughing and the tension will be broken. Here are some examples.

  • Exaggerating things to the point of absurdity is a great way of diffusing humour.
  • “I’m so pale my mom was a polar bear, and that’s why I’m hairy.”
  • “You look really athletic, do I recognise you from the Olympics?” 
  • “Is your husband going to pick you up?”
  • “You wouldn’t want to take my number, because all English people are creepy.”
  • “You’re a huge face in the fashion scene, or trying to be.”
  • “You’re too young for a husband? I’m too young for a husband too.”

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