Messaging Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

Here are some horrible texting mistakes to avoid at all costs.

Hey it’s Ciaran,

The most horrible texting mistakes are explained in the video above, but the main problems are also noted below.

Offering no value

This is a big one. By texting something like ‘hey’ ‘how are you?’ or some other run-of-the-mill question, you are making no effort to make the conversation interesting for her. Essentially, you’re relying on her to make the conversation fun for you both.

The thing is: women have no need to put in the mental effort to do this, unless they’re already really into you.

Instead, they’ll just ignore you and reply to one of the countless other guys in her smartphone.

So, make your text fun, unique and interesting.

Texting back too quickly/writing lengthy monologues/double-texting

I’m going to group these habits together, because they all communicate that you’re over-invested in her. When you’re over-invested, the woman assumes you’re desperate and therefore not good enough for her.

As a basic rule of thumb, you should aim to mirror the length and frequency of her messages (or write less).

It’s often recommended that you also mirror the amount of time it takes to text back, but this seems petty to me.

A better rule is to have a busy life away from your phone, so you’re naturally not always getting back to her immediately.

Childish abbreviations and emojis

Overuse of abbreviations and emojis comes across as childish, and she’s unlikely to be attracted to a man-child.

Not leading towards a meet-up 

This is perhaps one of the most common messaging mistakes. I see so many guys trying to ‘game’ a woman through text, or have these lengthy conversations that aren’t leading towards meeting each other.

Some guys think you have to ‘get to know each other’ before asking her out. This is wrong!

In many cases, it is actually easier to get a woman out ‘while the iron is hot’. Also, in my experience, a woman is less likely to meet you if you become ‘texting buddies’.

A better approach is to tailor each message so that it’s leading you closer to meeting up. Remember the ABC rule (always be closing).

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