So I got the number of an influencer who’s on her way to the UK soon. Here’s how I did it:


Notice that I immediately call her out on being so far away and put the onus on her to explain herself. If you watch this interaction carefully you’ll see that I’m basically judging her from start to finish 

  • “Do you think my puppy would like you?” 
  • “You’ve made some strong claims in your bio” 
  • “You need to give my dog 2X the love you give me or this won’t work”

Etc and the truth is that the hotter the woman the more you need to do this.

Beautiful women are used to having the red carpet laid out for them but you absolutely can’t do that if you want them to respect/desire you.

Notice I’m not supplicating to her in the least and I’m being funny without being try hard.

You need to be the chooser.


Also, and I say this all the time but it’s not a coincidence that we’re talking about dogs. She has “dog” listed as an interest in her bio which obviously meant she’d enjoy talking about them.

Finally, the chat doesn’t go on for that long but I sensed it didn’t need to.  This is something that you’ll get a feeling for over time but it’s not so much about HOW LONG you spend talking to a woman as it is how invested she is in talking to you. This woman was loving me and our convo so I thought I could do it.

Of course you’ll sometimes get it wrong as I do but if that happens the girl will usually just say nothing. If that happens wait a day or so and reengage with either “divorcing me already!” Or just by continuing the convo like nothing happened.

Take care bro


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Ciaran Callam

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