How To Meet Girls At School Or College

 How To Meet Girls At School Or College

The fact that you’re reading this means you probably find yourself surrounded by hot girls at your school, college or workplace and don’t know how to approach them; and if that’s true, you’ve come to the right place because I got you, son.


I got you.


I spend a lot of time coaching guys to approach women on the street and let their intentions be known right away. I advise them take establish a man-to-woman vibe from the get go so that the girls in question know what’s up and feel attracted to them at the same time. 


But that’s only a good strategy for situations where you know you’ll never see her ever again. If your black ass approaches a girl who then thinks you’re a creepy loser (which is a real possibility no matter how skilled you are), then once you’ve both gone your separate ways there’s no harm or foul. 


Your black ass can carry on with your mother lovin life and her black ass can do the same. However: 


If you approach girls at school or work the way you would strangers on the street it can backfire massively


It’s one thing to have some strange woman decide you’re a loser, walk off and never think about you ever again. But, it’s another thing entirely to have Jenny Patzitski from Social Studies 101 think the same thing, start DMing her girlfriends on campus about your black ass. 




But having said that, you can safely approach girls at college, uni, or work. It’s totally possible, you just have to have a different approach. What you want to do is:


Approach her with the intention of making a friend rather than trying to make sweet, sweet love to her body


Sounds crazy, right? 


Blasphemous even?


What man in his right mind approaches a got girl with the intention of friendship rather than sweet, sweet, delicious nookie?


A smart man, that’s who


And here’s why.


A smart man understands that most girls meet their boyfriends and fuck buddies through their existing friends, and he also knows that this happens because they take said friends’ recommendations very seriously.


As I said in my last article women rank their personal safety as being of paramount importance and don’t like to take chances with it. This means that a man they don’t know is an inherent safety risk, but one who comes recommended by a friend who they do know isn’t. And as a result of this:


They’re waaaaay more likely to give the time of day to a guy their friend has vouched for than some bozo on the street


Now if you don’t believe me then ask yourself this question. Assuming you’ve been in situations where you’ve met random girls on the street as well as girls through friends, didn’t you find it easier with the second group? Weren’t they way more likely to respond to messages and then show up to dates than the first group? The answer’s yes and it’s because of their beloved friends’ stamp of approval which meant they knew they had good reason to like and trust you and your black ass.


If you’re in a hugely social spot like a school where everyone knows everyone else, then approaching single girls in a sexual way is risky because it runs the risk of turning you into the guy they warn their friends about.




If you create a social circle of pretty girls (who in turn know other pretty girls) then you’ll get access to their friends vis recommendations and won’t have to do nearly as much work to get with those friends as you would with strangers. So here’s what you’re going to do:


Approach girls but just be a cool guy with no sexual agenda


Have fun and get to know them.


Chat to them whenever you see them out and about and let a friendship build.


Don’t ask ask for their number or social media straight away, because you’re my gaming them, just being a cool guy. There’s no rush. Get to know them over a period of time and grab their details when it feels more natural and organic.


Find out what they’re into and let them know about you.


Have jokes with them and send them funny memes.


Tell them something deep and true about yourself to build comfort and an emotional connection.


Give a shit about who they are as people and create genuine friendships with them.


If you do all of the above, do you know what will happen? What will happen is that you’ll be out and about one day and see your friend Sarah Brown with her hot brunette friend Jessica Samson. When you go over and say hey to Sarah Brown, she’ll then introduce you to Jessica Samson who’ll immediately be receptive to you because your already friends with her good friend Sarah Brown


You get me?


Then you can ask Sarah to put in a good word for you with Jessica and she definitely will. In fact she’ll probably send you her number shortly afterwards and tell you that Jessica’s waiting for you to get in touch.


You’ll also get messages from Sarah inviting you to parties that Jessica, Miki, Shaneese, Preeya, Carla and other friends are going to. And guess what? They’ll all be open and receptive to getting to know you you because you come preselected by Sarah, a woman they respect.


What you’re basically doing here is social circle game and if I haven’t made this clear enough then let me spell it out for you:


The goal is to have a number of females in your circle. Women who are seeds of possibility. Seeds that grow into trees of friendship from which your black ass can bear the fruits of meeting their girlfriends.


Save the sexual cold approach for strangers on the street, but use a softer approach for school, college, or work.


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Speak soon,



Ciaran Callam

I take men who don’t know how to meet women & give them an abundance they never dreamed possible. I take meek mice & turn them into wild lions. If you follow my instructions I’ll change your life, and that’s a fact.

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