How To Not Be Creepy: An Extensive Guide

 How To Not Be Creepy: An Extensive Guide

Discover how to not be creepy with this extensive guide to the four behaviors that creep women out the most.

Hi, it’s Joe.

In this email, you’ll learn the 4 main categories of behaviors that women find creepy.

Once you understand these, you’ll be able to approach women consistently without creeping them out.

So, let’s dive in…

1. Incongruence

Congruence is when your thoughts, words and actions are aligned.

When they’re not aligned, something feels “off”.

This makes people worry that you’re hiding an ulterior motive. And that can be scary.

Here are some examples of incongruence when approaching women.

  • Staring at a woman from afar, when you really want to talk to her.
  • Asking for directions when you really want to flirt with her.
  • Whispering, so others don’t hear you.
  • Putting on a fake confident persona, when you’re really nervous.
  • The women see through that final one so easily – and it creeps them out.

It’s usually better to admit you’re nervous. You might come across a bit weaker, but at least there’s no danger of you creeping her out.

2. Social Ignorance

When you show a lack of social awareness, you make people nervous, because who knows what you’ll do next!?

Here are some common examples:

  • You yell in a quiet library or coffee shop.
  • You get too sexual too fast.
  • You make a joke that’s too offensive.
  • You don’t read that she’s uncomfortable.
  • Yes, it can be attractive to bend social norms a little bit. The boldness of approaching a woman in the coffee shop can make you stand out from other guys.

But you need to be able to read her body language and understand if your bold moves are creeping her out.

If you are, call it out and tone your behavior down.

3. Over-Investment

Over-investment is giving a woman attention or resources she hasn’t earned.

Society teaches men to spoil women this way, but it often makes them uncomfortable.

Over-investment is a sign of desperation — and desperate people will take desperate measures to get what they want.

Needless to say, that’s creepy AF.

It also signals that a man doesn’t have much else going on in his life.

Classic examples of over-investing include:

  • Being caught ‘stalking’ someone’s social media.
  • Sending huge paragraphs of text, especially when she ignores you or only sends one-word answers.
  • Trying to force a conversation with someone, when they’re showing clear signs of disinterest.
  • Buying drinks for a random girl because she’s hot.
  • Sending money to a random e-girl because she’s hot.
  • Any grand romantic gesture for a woman you’re not in a relationship with.

To avoid over-investing, ask yourself: Am I contributing as much as she is?

If the answer is no, tone it down.

4. Weird Life Priorities

When someone values other weird stuff above normal human priorities, it’s often regarded as creepy.

Have you ever met a guy who is really into model trains? Or someone who plays 12 hours of World Of Warcraft per day?

These types of people tend to come across as a bit “off”.

A big part of this is the social ignorance aspect. If a guy doesn’t realize or explain how strange his life priorities are, it’ll creep people out for sure.

There’s also the over-investment aspect. People only tend to over-invest in weird passions when other ‘normal’ areas of their lives aren’t going well.

You can have niche hobbies and passions, for sure.

But, when you put them ahead of your health, finances or your social life, it’s often going to be perceived as creepy.

How To Not Be Creepy

This entire email has focused on what not to do.

So, let’s finish with some actionable advice to help you out.

  • When you see an attractive woman, approach her without hesitation.
  • Be honest about your intentions.
  • Be honest if you’re nervous or if something is on your mind.
  • If you’re about to do something that could be perceived as creepy, call it out first.
  • Watch people’s body language, so you can notice if you went too far.
  • Only invest as much into a woman as she’s investing into you.

My final tip for how to not be creepy is to go out and flirt with women as often as you can. This will teach you so much about social norms, what women find creepy and what they respond well to. You can learn from your mistakes and improve your social skills over time.

More importantly, this will make it easier to help you start swapping contact details and going on dates with many women. This will do so much to stop you from over-investing in any particular woman.

If you’re a guy who doesn’t feel confident flirting shamelessly with women, I’d recommend you buy my book Big Dick Energy. It features 12 powerful exercises to help you let go of fear and unleash your masculine energy in conversations with the opposite sex.

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Joe Elvin

Joe is a freelance lifestyle writer and co-founder at Game Global. His book 'Big Dick Energy' teaches men how to unleash their natural masculine energy and attract amazing women. His book 'The Camera Never Lies' reveals the 17 lessons he learned after filming his dating life for a year. You can learn more at

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