Podcast #59 – Why She Wants You To “Just Be Yourself”

 Podcast #59 – Why She Wants You To “Just Be Yourself”

Today’s episode of the podcast is all about what being yourself even means, why you should want to do the damn thing. And how to actually do the damn thing!

Here you’ll learn:

  • Why people in game say you’re supposed to be an alpha male who does what he wants, but then give you specific rules about what to do in certain situations with girls. Confusing, right?
  • How your body reveals your true state of mind, no matter how hard you try to hide it.
  • The science behind female shit tests. Why they do them, and the single key mindset you need to pass all of them perfectly.
  • Why getting angry at anything means you’re secretly scared, even if you’re actually prepared to stand up to the threat.
  • Why as a man you’re supposed to call a girl out on her bs and what it shows about you when you don’t.
  • How to ignore people’s expectations of you and just do what the freak you want. Annnnnd, why that’s the best God damn advice your ass has heard all decade.
  • The single biggest advantage you as a man have over even the hottest women in society.
  • How the girls you’ve been with and thought were frigid aren’t frigid around other guys. You made them act like that, homie.
  • How the skills you learn during game carry across into loads and loads and loads and loads of other areas of your life.
  • How to figure out who you want to be in life and then how to actually becoming that person.

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