Your Vibe is Everything

 Your Vibe is Everything

Approaching Women is All About Having a Great Vibe.

There’s so much theory out there about the best possible way to approach a woman. Some guys swear blind that you need to be indirect, talk about anything but why you’re really there, then ask for her number aftrr 5 minutes like the idea just came to mind. Some advocate for being upfront right off the bat and explaining exactly why the hell you’re talking to her.

Some guys break meaning women down to a chemical equation to the point where it’s more like hacking into a mainframe than having a real conversation.

If she says this, do this.

When she does that, say this.

They try to have the whole convo mapped out lines of code in OSX, but to be honest, yeah that stuff works, but it’s massively time consuming and takes the emotional connection out of the whole thing.

I don’t know about you, but I want to actually meet a woman, not solve a puzzle.

Anyway, you know what I’ve found is the single best thing you need when approaching women?

A great vibe, it really is that simple.

But what do I mean by that?

Your vibe is the sum total of the thoughts, feelings, and intentions you have at any given moment. Are you enjoying the feeling of being in your own body or not? Do you have good intentions towards her or not? Are you approaching with a full cup of self worth and giving her the benefit of a great time that’s making her day better, or not?

Women find guys who can say yes to all the above to be very, very, very attractive. Guys who come begging to have their empty cups of self worth filled by female validation are anything but.

The thing is that most men approach women with empty cups like homeless people begging for money, meaning they do it in a way that lets girls know that they don’t think they’ve got any value. They subconsciously communicate that they know they’re not worthy of talking to her and that they also know she’s getting the raw end of the deal by talking to them. But guess what?

When you feel that way about yourself, people (not just women) will believe you.

If you think you’re beneath the woman you’re approaching, she’ll pick up on it, assume you’re right (because who knows you better than you??), and form the same opinion..

Despite what we’d all wish, a woman isn’t going to spot a small seed of potential deep within some man she’s just met (that even he doesn’t see) and take the necessary time to build him up like a loving school teacher. She’ll just see him the way he sees himself and act accordingly.

For instance

The woman I’m talking to in this video is someone I’d literally just approached 5 minutes before. Notice how we’re vibing with each other. Notice how she’s feeding off the energy I’ve brought to the interaction and genuinely enjoying being with me.

This is what happens when you approach with a great vibe and energy about you. People find it infectious. Of course, no matter what you do, not everybody will like you, because there isn’t a man alive who’s wanted by 100% of the women he approaches. But, if you want the absolute best possible chance of having the girls you approach love you; a great vibe is absolutely essential.


Tips For How You Can Create a Better Vibe

1. Talk Yourself Up Like You’re the Man

If you’re putting yourself down in your head it’ll negatively affect your interactions with women. Talk to yourself with the same love you’d want your 7 year old niece to have for herself.

2. Focus on Her, Not You

What kind of person does she look like? Does she seem smart? Creative? Artistic? Corporate? Sporty? Mildly aggressive? What’s she wearing and what sort of energy does she have?

If you’re thinking about her, you won’t be ruminating over how you’re not good enough or about to fuck up the interaction. It’ll also give you tons of things to talk about too.

3. Pay Attention to the Environment

What can you see, hear, smell, or taste? Do you love the song that’s playing in the background? If so, nod your head to it like you would if she wasn’t there and get into a vibe. Like with the last point, focusing on your environment will make it near impossible for you to think negative thoughts.

4. Give Her the Gift of You

Let’s say I have you 10 million dollars and asked you to approach a woman and give it to her, I doubt you’d be scared would you? Of course not. Now why is that? 

Because You’d Know You Were Giving Her Value

So in future, approach from that mindset. Give her the ten million USD smackeroos that is the gift of interacting with you.

You got this.


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Ciaran Callam

I take men who don’t know how to meet women & give them an abundance they never dreamed possible. I take meek mice & turn them into wild lions. If you follow my instructions I’ll change your life, and that’s a fact.

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