Dating Coach Panel: 8 Top Coaches

 Dating Coach Panel: 8 Top Coaches

Ice White assembled a great panel for the third episode of the Dating Coach Panel, featuring Ross Jeffries, Markus Wolf from Ultimate Man Project, Michael Sartain, Patrick Krajcsi (Veiled Intentions), Brandon & Jesse, and Game Global’s own Ciaran Callam.


Greatest Dating Coach Panel

For the third episode of Game Global’s Dating Coach Panel, we had some of the top dating coaches and some up and coming coaches. On this panel:

  • Ice White (Game Global)
  • Ciaran Callam (Game Global)
  • Ross Jeffries (Speed Seduction)
  • Markus Wolf (Ultimate Man Project)
  • Michael Sartain (Men Of Action)
  • Brandon & Jesse
  • Patrick Krajcsi (Veiled Intentions)


Delusion Among Men About Height & Appearance

Ross Jeffries said that ‘if you know how to use language to get into a woman’s subconscious mind and to evoke her own processes for feeling aroused, for feeling attracted, for feeling she’s gotta take action, for feeling she’s got an incredible connection with you. If you know how to do that then oftentimes, far more often than not, you can get past those things‘. You can see his NLP advice for more about this, and his Language Pattern Collection.

Jesse’s advice is that if you don’t mind it, it doesn’t matter.

Markus Wolf says that it’s very easy for guys without results or success to blame it on what they are lacking, rather than focus on improving what they can. You need to be able to change what you have control over. You can’t grow taller, but you can change other things.

Pat (Veiled Intentions) gave his perspective as a tall guy. He says that even when modeling agencies were scouting him for his good looks, he was getting 0 girls because of his low confidence. He says that looks do matter to a certain point, but it’s not going to get you results without working on your game.

Brandon is also very tall, but said that he couldn’t get laid in a whore house when he first started game.


Smart First Date Ideas

Ross Jeffries says that the best thing he has found to do is to meet women for breakfast. ‘If you go out on a formal date, then they have their checklist clicking. Does this guy have this, does this guy…? And there’s a certain pressure to perform for a woman, not just for men, but for women to put their best foot forward‘. He says that breakfast is far more relaxing and low-key, with an implied time limit. It’s not quite a ‘date’ date, so being informal helps a lot.

Markus Wolf likes having ‘fuck dates’. He prefers having girls come straight over to his house. Although some guys may find this to be difficult to pull off, he recommends saying that if a girl isn’t okay with coming straight to your place, then you can suggest to meet somewhere round the corner from where you live so that she knows she can have one drink and decide if she wants to go back to your place.

Jesse suggests that you should treat it case by case, because taking a girl straight home might not be the best thing to do for particular girls, or if you are looking for a long term relationship.

Brandon advises that you should keep it simple and have a date close to your house.


Views On Red Pill & Rollo Tomassi

Michael Sartain (Men Of Action) joined the panel and shared his thoughts on ‘red pill’. Michael explained that there’s Christ, there’s Christianity and then there’s the church; emphasizing that Christ is perfect, Christians fuck up sometimes, and the chirch isn’t a person and just does whatever. He then states that, similarly, there’s Rollo Tomassi, the book The Rational Male and then there’s the red pill community.

Rollo Tomassi is best friends with Michael Sartain, and they co-host the Access Vegas podcast together. Michael has found that Rollo Tomassi gets misquoted on a very regular basis, and describes himself as ‘red pill adjacent’; when red pill is hijacked by people who make it about hating women, he is not red pill. But when red pill is about studies and objective truth, he’s pro red pill. Rollo Tomassi, who coined the term red pill on the SoSuave forum in 2003, does not share hate for women, but is surrounded by angry people who are making red pill look bad.

Michael Sartain even explains that he goes onto all kinds of podcasts, including those hosted by people he disagrees with, because he would rather participate in the discussion just like when Jesus Christ referred to tax collectors and prostitutes, because discussion is more important than ego.


Views On Fresh&Fit, & JustPearlyThings

Myron Gaines, co-host of the Fresh&Fit podcast, has collaborated with Rollo Tomassi and Michael Sartain many times. He noted that Myron says some things from the perspective of a Sudanese Muslim man which may seem misogynistic to most people, and these things make even Walter Weekes (FreshPrinceCEO) uncomfortable. Myron can be extreme, but he does much more than just talk about holding men and women accountable; such as his weekly financial advice. In part, the algorithm rewards the more extreme or strange content, which makes people look more extreme to a public perspective because they are more likely to be seen for the viral moments only, rather than the bigger picture.

Pearl Davis (JustPearlyThings) doesn’t like Rollo Tomassi and vice versa, but that doesn’t mean Michael Sartain can’t be friends with her. Steven Bonnell (Destiny) doesn’t like Rollo Tomassi and vice versa, but Michael Sartain considers him a friend too. What’s important is that you shouldn’t make things personal. You should be willing to have discussions with people you disagree with.

But Michael suggests that there’s an arms race among content creators to raise the stakes on extreme content, with the likes of Adam22 and Lena The Plug getting lots of attention, Logan Paul getting lots of attention, Adin Ross and more… And it only incentivizes other content creators to do the same.


Not Making It Personal

Speaking of not making things personal, I pointed out that every single person on the panel, aside from Pat (Veiled Intentions), was on the Cold Approach VS Social Circle Game debate, but nobody is arguing with each other because we all understand not to make things personal.

The Dating Coach Panel then started discussing John Mulvehill (John Anthony Lifestyle, described as ‘the pickup artist too sleazy for pickup artists‘ by The Daily Beast); a notorious pickup coach known for his claims of having sex with more than 1,500 people (Including transgenders). John makes lots of videos on YouTube attempting to ‘expose’ various dating coaches or other Internet figures by roasting them, but has a habit of threatening people with legal action, while also sending harrassing messages, to people who do the same about him.

He is often homophobic toward people who aren’t even homosexual, but ironically has admitted to having sex with men.


John Anthony Lifestyle Exposed

John Mulvehill (John Anthony Lifestyle) has since made multiple videos hating on Michael Sartain and Ice White in a pathetic attempt to attack people for talking about him. He has claimed that Michael Sartain is avoiding fighting him, so Game Global has released a response video calling John Anthony Lifestyle out for dodging debates with 3 different guys.

In this video, it is highlighted that John Anthony Lifestyle:

  • Has lied, accusing Ice White of ‘inciting violence’ when actually a few debates were proposed
  • May have an estimated 130,000 fake subscribers of his 185,000 subscribers
  • Attacks people in his videos, and then threatens people with lawsuits when people make videos about him
  • Likes to hide behind his YouTube channel so he can delete comments that are critical of him

He has failed to address any of these points and has failed to provide evidence to counter them. John Anthony Lifestyle has also declined yet another debate proposed by Ice White.

In a Game Global poll, 68% of members said that John Anthony Lifestyle is a coward for refusing to debate. Another Game Global poll found that 77% of members believe that John Anthony Lifestyle has fake subscribers.

His original video has since been removed from YouTube.

You can see the evidence of John Anthony Lifestyle dodging debates, lying and his suspicious YouTube subscriber statistics here:

Ice White

Ice is a Canadian bestselling author, and founder of Game Global. His book, The Message Game, is the most practical book on online dating and has helped thousands of men around the world get dates within days of reading it. He is also the creator of MGAI, the AI wingman for online dating.

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