Infamous NLP Language Patterns From Ross Jeffries

 Infamous NLP Language Patterns From Ross Jeffries

I asked Ross Jeffries more about his infamous NLP patterns, which are known for getting women hot and steamy. Language patterns use all kinds of verbal game techniques to sexualize and escalate conversations with women into sex.


NLP Language Patterns

Neil Strauss described Ross Jeffries as ‘the undisputed father of modern seduction’ in the book The Game, and continues to be one of the top figures in the pickup artist community to this day.

Ross Jeffries has created many language patterns over the course of more than 30 years. See our most recent video on NLP language patterns for a super in-depth explanation around how language patterns work.


How NLP Language Patterns Work

Ross Jeffries explained that the most popular genre of books are romance novels, and that themes of ‘surrender, incredible connection, sexual tension, feeling like she’s giving into someone who’s stronger than she is, fantasy’ and such are extremely appealing to women when communicated in a way that influences women to feel them. This can include using sexual innuendos, manipulating women’s feelings and embedding commands, as opposed to constructing a conversation based on just facts and logic.

Ross Jeffries has patterns such as…

  • The Dream Pattern
  • The Blow Job Pattern
  • The I Saw A Bad Date Pattern
  • The Airplane Finger Fun Pattern
  • The Voodoo Dildo Pattern

Note that WORDS IN RED are embedded commands, and WORDS IN ITALICS are sexual mataphors and innuendos.


The Blow Job Pattern

I was having the most interesting conversation with some friends about the difference between indulgence and anticipation.

Indulgence is when you do something for yourself, [Name]. Do you ever come home from a LONG, HARD day at work? Do you like showers or baths, [Name]?

[She says she likes baths]

And you make that hot bath for yourself, and even before you step in, you can stop, and you can already IMAGINE THAT HEAT WORKING ITS WAY ALL THROUGH YOUR MUSCLES. And then you just SLIDE IN to that bath and let the WARMTH and the PLEASURE take you completely.

[Name], do you like chocolate?

[She says something]

Well, I was talking to this friend of mine and she loves Godiva chocolate, but she does this thing… She’ll put that piece of chocolate on her nightstand, and then when she goes home, she doesn’t eat it right away. She just sits by the edge of the bed, and she just SLOWLY UNPEELS IT. And SHE TOUCHES JUST THE TIP of that chocolate to HER TONGUE, and then she just SWALLOWS the whole thing and it’s like an EXPLOSION OF PLEASURE IN YOUR MOUTH.

And you know, [Name], I used to think that my most important thoughts come from above. But now I know so many POWERFUL URGES come from BELOW ME (BLOW ME), [Name].


The Dream Pattern

Do you ever remember your dreams? Do you ever have a dream that keeps coming up because it’s so powerful?

[She says something]

Because I have this one dream… I only had it once, but it’s so familiar to me. I can close my eyes and I can feel it. Just everything about the dream. I can SEE ALL THE IMAGERY AS I TALK ABOUT IT, [Name].

So, it goes like this…

I’m looking for a place to live. I’m walking through these beautiful woods and I don’t know how well you can IMAGINE THIS AS I DESCRIBE IT… But they’re beautiful redwood trees, and they have the most rich, beautiful brownish-colored WOOD to them. And the sky is blue and I can feel the scent of the fresh pine trees, and it’s absolutely beautiful. And I’m longing for a home; a place to live, where I see this cabin, and I instantly know it’s gonna be my home. Not a house, but a home. The difference is… A house is just a shelter, but a home is a place where you stop, and you get that feeling that says ‘you belong here‘, ‘this is where you wanna stay‘, ‘you never wanna leave because here’s where you must be‘.

So I see this cabin and it has a sign on it that says ‘for lease‘ with a phone number. And I know I should wait. But have you ever felt something that just feels so inviting, it feels so irresistible, you had to have it and you couldn’t wait for permission…? You just went for it. Me. Now.

As I continue to tell this story, I think you’ll find something interesting…

So I go and I open the door. Immediately, I know a woman lives there. It just has that female touch. The walls themselves seem special. It’s like there’s energy radiating from these special FEMININE WALLS.

Anyway. I walk in and immediately I know she’s a photographer because there are photographs all over the walls. There’s a big photograph at the end of the hallway; the end of the cabin that takes up the whole wall… Beautiful photograph. And on the coffee table there’s a big book that says Bali, and I open it up and there’s a picture of Bali. And the sand is so beautiful.

I don’t again know how well you can IMAGINE, PICTURE AND EXPERIENCE AS I DESCRIBE IT, but it’s white powdered sand. And I could even imagine walking through that powdered sand like a sugar donut, powdered, feeling the warmth against my feet, looking out at the ocean. The water is a crystal clear bluish green. And it’s just so tempting, I can imagine stepping out into that water, feeling its warmth SWIRLING AROUND MY LEGS, the warmth of the Sun warming my skin to a flush and a blush. It’s just so amazing.

And then all of a sudden she walks in the door. And there’s this instantaneous… THIS CONNECTION. And immediately, I can feel a bond of instant trust, [Name]. Because she wasn’t afraid of me at all. Rather than screaming or yelling, she looks a little startled but she says ‘hi, can I help you?‘.

And I said to her ‘you know, I know I should have waited, but it just seems so inviting, I just had to ENTER. OF COURSE (INTERCOURSE) I should have waited, but I just couldn’t… So I had to COME INSIDE. I hope you don’t mind‘.

And she said ‘no, no problem. I’m in a hurry. I’ve got to get to the airport, I forgot my bag. But let me show you around and I’ll fix you a cup of tea‘.

So we’re looking around at all the various pictures and we come to that picture I told you about, far on the wall… And suddenly, we stopped talking… And you could feel that excitement. You know, that special GROWING (GROIN) tension… Just before that first soft electric brush of the lips and you know something big’s about to GO DOWN here. And I sort of brush up against her and she brushes up against me, and we can feel the heat coming from each other’s bodies. But it’s just so intense we just break away… Because we don’t wanna get anything started that you have to go through with this.

So she says ‘anyway, listen. I gotta go. Here’s my card. Call me anytime‘.

And she leaves. I remember feeling… ‘Wow. I’m so turned on right now, because this feels so good. I’m glad she left because if she didn’t leave, I would have just FUCKED YOUR BRAINS OUT‘.


Language Pattern Collection

To access Ross Jeffries’s work on language patterns, he is offering the Speed Seduction Language Pattern Collection. The first 30 people to purchase before 31 December 2023 will be invited to a special webinar with Ross Jeffries.


More About NLP Language Patterns

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