My Best ‘Women Are Dirty Too’ Story

 My Best ‘Women Are Dirty Too’ Story

Red Wine, Whipped Cream And Talking Filth

Hey, it’s Joe.

Men are raised on the lies that all women are innocent Disney princesses, who only enjoy intimacy with men they love and trust.

The truth is: women love sex just as much as guys. Women are dirty too.

They just have to hide it, because society shames them for being too promiscuous.

However, once you show you’re the kind of guy who won’t judge her for enjoying herself in the bedroom, you’ll soon see how dirty they can be.

Our long-term followers will know how much Ciaran loves sexting. That guy pulls no punches!

Inspired by his screenshots, I decided to try sending some filthy messages of my own.

I messaged Dharsh – a Malaysian woman I’d won over at a bar, but never pulled home. She seemed sassy enough for this to work.

Instead of inviting her on a fancy date, I sent a photo of red wine and whipped cream on my hotel bed.

“Come join,” I said.

At first, she played innocent and asked what the whipped cream was for.

Inspired by Ciaran, I held my frame and told her EXACTLY what it was for.

Within hours, she was in my bedroom.

(Listeners of the Game Global Podcast will know this story has a surprise ending, but I don’t want to distract from the main point of this email)

That point is: women love sex just as much as guys.

To unlock this side of her, you just need to show you’re non-judgmental. Be unashamed when you talk about sex. Share sexual stories about yourself and your friends without embarrassment. Soon enough, she’ll open up to you too.

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