Podcast #74 – Sexy Girl Needs To Be Dominated

 Podcast #74 – Sexy Girl Needs To Be Dominated

In today’s episode, Ciaran spoke spoke to his friend Antonia about exactly what turns girls off and on in the bedroom.

Here you’ll learn:

  • Exactly girls fantasise about in the bedroom
  • What it is about these things that gets them so hot
  • Exactly what guys do in the bedroom that dries them up like the Sahara
  • How girls feel when the man takes charge
  • The number 1 mistake men make about foreplay
  • Why she wants to be your queen and your whore at the same time
  • The approach most guys take to sex that disappoints the hell out of girls
  • How guys make girls insecure in the bedroom
  • A simple trick which will make you more spontaneous and creative in the bedroom
  • A rare and unusual tip which will make you able to bang girls longer and harder than ever before
  • How it feels for a girl when she’s having a huge orgasm
  • Why girls 1000% enjoy sex way more than guys

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