4 Confidence-Boosting Promises To Make To Yourself

 4 Confidence-Boosting Promises To Make To Yourself

These four exercises will skyrocket your self-esteem

There are plenty of techniques available to help you appear more confident and charismatic.

You’ll learn plenty of them from the Game Global Coaches.

The problem is: on their own, these tricks can be extremely see-through.

It’s difficult to fake confident behaviour for long periods. The self always shines through in the end.

If you can naturally boost your self-esteem, you won’t ever need techniques to trick people into believing you’re confident.

This is why a lot of guys can slay with women without having ever read a word of dating advice. These ‘naturals’ believe they deserve beautiful women — and this shines through when they approach them. It’s an incredibly attractive trait.

This set of short exercises will push you even further in that direction.

1. Know the values you want to live by

Write a list of personal values that you deem important, then start making your daily decisions based entirely on these.

What are the words that you wish people would describe you as? Kind? Hard-working? Selfless? Adventurous? You can become all of these things today, simply by changing your behaviours. This should be more than enough for you to feel great about yourself.

Not everyone may agree with the values you choose, but your self-esteem should never be based on other people’s opinions anyway.

2. Have a purpose you’re working towards

When you have a passion that you’re taking steps towards achieving, this can feel so empowering.

It makes you feel purposeful, as if there’s a good reason for you being on this planet.

What’s more, as you move closer to your goal, your skills will improve. Witnessing this can be extremely gratifying.

So, what are the goals you’re moving towards? Write them down. Of course, completing the challenges in this book can be one of them.

3. Focus on the actions, not the results

The Bhagavad Gita says we’re entitled to our actions, but not the fruits. This is true in all areas of life.

You can rarely guarantee success, no matter how well you perform. There are nearly always outside factors playing a key role.

When you approach an attractive woman, you can only ever control 50% of the interaction. In a job interview or an audition, success is based on someone else’s opinion.

There’s every chance these people won’t like your approach, no matter what you do, but does that mean you should feel like a bad person? Of course not!

Success isn’t completely in your control, so why base your self-esteem on whether you achieve it?
Instead, learn to gain self-esteem by making the right decisions and doing your best in any given situation.

4. Surround yourself with people who empower you

There’s a reason why making bold moves feels easier in front of your best friends.

Most tasks seem simpler when you’ve got a great team supporting you. That’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with supportive people.

People who drain your confidence are not your friends. Stand up to them or (even better) stop hanging out. True friends will support any positive steps you’re taking in life.

The best thing about these four actions is that you can start them all today.

As a result, you’ll gain the type of self-love that emanates off you in all social situations.

These exercises were originally published in our new e-book 4 Weeks To Unstoppable Confidence. The book features a series of 28 challenges proven to help you strengthen your willpower. You can get the e-book for FREE here >>

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