What to do if you’re fed up chasing women

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Hey hey and yo yo. This is Ciaran breaking down Joe’s video about what to do when you’re fed up with chasing girls.

Accept the bullshit

There’s a lot of bullshit involved with meeting women.  Some might be mean or ignore you. Some swap numbers and don’t respond when you call. Some will even just run away when it seems like all’s going well. It’s part of the game and something you just need to accept.

Focus on enjoying the process rather than the result 

The reason you’re fed up is because you’re hung up on the goal but that’s a recipe for disaster. If you’re focused on the goal then you’ll always be frustrated by the fact you’re not there. Hell, even when you reach your goal you’ll just normalise it, create a new one, and then be frustrated you haven’t reached that either. Enjoy the process. Learn to love the act of working on yourself day in and day out rather than an arbitrary end result which you’ll quickly get bored of once it’s achieved.

Ditch your agenda and need for the woman’s approval 

You’re upset because you want these women to approve of you before you can approve of yourself. So when they don’t approve of you it makes you feel like crap.

Enjoy the environment and let go

Being stiff, rigid and not enjoying yourself is a royal road to getting zero success in a nightclub (or any other environment). It’s not enough to just stand around and then ‘turn it on’ when you see a pretty girl. Have fun, enjoy yourself, and get into a flow. Not only will it be more fun for you, but it’ll be attractive to women.

Don’t let the rejections get to you

See the whole thing as a giant video game, bro. Having a woman reject you is no different than playing Mario and having him fall down a cliff into lava. You just figure out what went wrong and try again. Rejections aren’t statements about your worth as a human, just feedback on what did or didn’t work.

Find someone to go out with

Having a wingman will be great because you’ll have someone to cheer you up when you’re down, spur you on to approach when you’re scared, and just generally have fun with. If you don’t have a wing, find one asap.

Stick with it 

This problem you have isn’t going away no matter how much you ignore it. Also it’ll just get worse and worse the longer you wait too. What if you wait 10, 20 or even 30 years?

What state will your life be in then?

How much harder will it be for you to meet people then? How much will you wish you’d just handled this issue now?

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