How To Make Message Game Extra Simple

In this video, you’ll learn the basics of message game and how to make sure you don’t overcomplicate it.

Yooo this is Ciaran giving you the quick recap of this video ‘How to make text game extra simple.’

Create a story

The main thing you want to do is to create a fun story or narrative around your encounter with this woman. For instance; in this video the story is that Joe is Jay-Z, she is Beyonce and they’re going to perform on stage together. It’s silly, irreverent, but ultimately fun and something she’ll remember.

Create in-jokes

In-jokes are things that make you stand out from all the other men she’s met, and her feel different from everyone else you’ve met. The idea that you’re the president of Cuba and she’s your loyal servant could be an in-joke, or maybe there’s a line you keep saying that she finds funny like “Where are my damn chocolates?!” The joke can be anything as long as she finds it funny and then all you need to do is refer to it when you message her. This will bring her back to the emotional state she was in when you met and trigger a response.

Come up with an idea for a date the two of you can go on while you’re together

In this video, Joe’s said “We can do a karaoke performance together” and that’s great because it means that when he contacts her she’ll know exactly why they’re talking. To you it seems obvious why you’re contacting women when you message them but to them it often isn’t, and uncertainty isn’t really your friend in these scenarios. 

Also; by seeding the idea for the date when they met and having her gleefully agree to it, he increases the odds of her happily agreeing again when he sends her his callback humour text.  

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