How To Deal With Her Friends

This guide details 4 ways to deal with a woman’s friends, when you meet her in a bar or nightclub.

Hey, it’s Joe.

In the video above, I detail 4 ways to deal with a woman’s friends when you meet her out at night, in order of preference.

These are:

1. Isolate her from her friends, and pull her home on the down-low.

Baby-step it so no-one gets too worried.

Perhaps firs you go to the bar together, then to the dancefloor, then to get some fresh air outside.

Afterwards, perhaps there’s somewhere outside to get food. From there, maybe there’s a nice excuse to go back to your place.

She’ll text her friends to tell them where she’s going, so there’s no need to ask permission from them face-to-face.

2. Get permission from her friends to pull her home.

This is your only option when the club is closing, and her friends are desperately looking the group to go home together.

3. Pull the woman AND HER FRIENDS home, or somewhere outside the club.

There’s a good chance that will leave you two alone, once they get to know or trust you better. Either that or get bored, go home and fall asleep. That’s your only shot if you want to seal the deal

4. Swap contact details, and seal the deal on a date some other time.

It’s true that women are more likely to flake on you if you swapped contact details while she was drunk, but it’s still possible to get them out on a date. Swapping Instagram instead of phone numbers will help her remember how awesome you are!

In fact, I’d recommend you spend the first part of nights out socialising with tons of women and swapping contact details. After all, there are few women who will go home with you after only 30 minutes of being at the bar.

Here’s what you don’t do!

Note that NONE of these options are ignore her friends. That’s a terrible idea.

No loyal female is going to her friend go off with some guy she doesn’t know, especially if he’s not polite enough to acknowledge her!

Anyway, in the video, I explain a situation in the Philippines where I had to try each of these strategies in order, because the first three didn’t work.
It happens sometimes!
No big deal! I still manage to swap contact details with a lovely Filipino girl called Geraldine.
There’s footage and a short report of our beach date too.