How To Be Attractive To Women

Being good-looking isn’t as important as you think

What’s up, it’s Joe. 

Growing up, I used to think being attractive to women was completely based on looks

The “hot guys” date the pretty girls, and the rest of us should settle for whatever Plain Jane we could find.  

Thankfully, I learned this is absolute BS. 

And this is the first lesson I want you to learn in Game Academy…

Yes, your appearance matters – but there are specific behaviours and personality traits which are even more attractive to women.

Below, you’ll discover 5 of the most important personal qualities that drive women wild with lust.

These qualities will get you more pussy than a six-pack, chiselled jaw or perfectly symmetrical face. 

So, let’s find out what they are…

1. Appeal to her emotions 

Women make decisions based on emotions, not logic.

Logically, she may say she’ll only date men who are tall, muscular and handsome.

The reality is: she’ll date men who make her feel good.

If you can: 

  • make her laugh;
  • inspire her to have fun;
  • flirt and make her feel sexy;
  • allow her to relax;
  • spark her curiosity; 

…then you have a great chance of dating her.

If she feels good, she’ll throw all her logical dating rules out the window. 

This is true, regardless of your appearance.

Yes, she might forgive a few of your shortcomings (for a while) if you’re her physical ‘type’. 

But if you can’t appeal to her emotions at all, you’re screwed.

There are plenty of handsome doctors and lawyers out there who struggle with women because they don’t know how to do this.

Instead of being fun and relaxed, they’re nervous, stifled and self-conscious. 

This makes her feel nervous and self-conscious. 

And that’s why she doesn’t want to talk to them…

2. Unleash your sexuality 

A lot of guys don’t make their intentions clear enough when flirting. They’re far too subtle, because they don’t want to appear creepy or get rejected. 

Many will adopt a ‘friendly’ approach and wait for a woman to show some signs she’s attracted to him.

Ironically, this is often the creepiest thing you can do

When your actions and intentions misalign, that’s creepy. 

Think about the guy who stares for 30 minutes but doesn’t introduce himself. The guy who pretends to be her friend to trick his way into her pants. The guy who doesn’t ‘own it’ when he talks dirty. It’s all awful.  

On the other hand, if you can confidently and respectfully tell a woman you want to date her, that’s attractive.   

Women love men who unashamedly go for what they want.

3. Give her space to chase

Women love to be taken to be taken on an emotional rollercoaster.

They’re captivated by the highs and the lows, even if only subconsciously.

That’s why it’s important to create space for a woman to chase your affection. 

Yes, it’s important to make your intentions clear…

But if you do nothing but compliment, compliment, compliment, that’s boring for a woman.

There’s no mystery. It’s predictable. She’s seen it all before…  

It also communicates that she’s the prize, and you’d be lucky to have her. 

That sounds nice on paper…

But the problem is: women want to date men they’d be lucky to have.

You’d be better off playfully teasing her, screening for ‘red flags’, appearing a bit unsure about her, encouraging her to impress you. 

She’ll appreciate you doing this. It’s far more exciting for a woman to chase a man she’s not sure she can have. 

4. Learn to text her properly

A lot of men are able to spark attraction within a woman, only to ruin it while texting her.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes that men make while texting. 

  • Texting too often (communicating that you have no life outside of her)
  • Responding too quickly (again, suggesting you have little else going on in life)
  • Sending huge walls of text (communicating that you’re far too invested in her)
  • Asking boring and generic questions (putting the onus on her to make the conversation interesting)
  • Opening with ‘hi’, ‘hey’, or ‘how you doing?’ (again, forcing her to brighten up the conversation) 
  • Bad spelling or txt speak (making you look uneducated) 

For more tips, see our messaging guides.

5. Build a life she’d want to be part of 

If you live a fun and adventurous life filled with cool friends and epic experiences, most women will find this very attractive.

So, go ahead and build a life that a beautiful woman would want to be a part of!

When you have this, you’ll naturally become less needy and desperate for female attention – and that’s great for encouraging them to chase you!

A clever way to show off your lifestyle without explicitly boasting about it (which can come across as too try-hard) is to swap social media details instead of phone numbers. 

Then, she can quickly see everything you want her to know, without you having to brag. 

Most beautiful women are addicted to Instagram these days, so I’d recommend curating an attractive profile there

Bonus tip: Remember ‘WINS’

Ah dammit, I said I wouldn’t mention looks. 

But this point is too important not to make… 

You can dramatically improve your appearance by going to the gym, improving your fashion and grooming, and eating healthily.  

Also, by smiling and being a genuinely happy person!! 

In my experience as a confidence coach, there’s usually only one type of guy who complains about his looks holding him back with women. The guy who doesn’t want to work on any of the above…

He’d rather play the victim than actually work to improve himself and be happy. 

Don’t be that guy.  

Don’t contact me if you are that guy

I don’t want to work with you…


Oh…and ‘WINS’ stands for:


It’s a magical recipe that’ll make you more physically attractive. 

Add this on top of the five personality fixes listed above – and you’ll be overwhelmed with options for beautiful women to date.

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