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 Cancel Culture Podcast

When I walked into the studio of Cancel Culture Podcast, I saw a man on the floor with a dog collar, chained to a 19 year old girl who does OnlyFans.

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Among my thoughts were the following:

  1. What the fuck is this?
  2. Glad I’m not that guy.
  3. Can’t relate.
  4. In what Universe would I even consider doing something like that?
  5. Yikes.
  6. What the fuck is Rowan Atkinson doing here?

That’s just not my lifestyle.

I couldn’t imagine any reality where a man like myself would physically submit to a woman, for lack of better phrasing.

Some call it ‘simping’. Some call it submissiveness. Whatever it is, it’s a big fucking yikes from me.

While this guy went onto a podcast on a leash held by a teenage woman half his age and was told that he wasn’t allowed to speak and that he must sit on the floor at all times… I went onto that podcast with my wife who, in the last 8 months, has survived a stroke, has survived brain surgery, has been diagnosed with brain cancer, has completed 6 weeks of radiotherapy, and is undergoing 12 months of chemotherapy.

There were some interesting comments about what would happen if a male guest such as myself came onto the podcast with a woman on a leash. One such comment was:

Switch it and put a woman on that lead? This is how much no one gives a fuck about men!

Tempting. But out of respect for my wife, and the blatant fact that she’s a cancer patient, that’s not something I would do. Although, that would make for some pretty aggressive and controversial marketing during an episode of Cancel Culture Podcast. It’s a wonder I hadn’t thought of that yet.

Anyway. I came onto the show with my wife next to me. She was allowed to speak and she was not on a leash. She was also allowed to sit on the sofa, but I didn’t need to tell her that… She’s my wife.


Cancel Culture Podcast: The Future Of Marriage

I’m not a conservative person. I’m not a religious person either. I’m an atheist.

But my wife comes from a very conservative and Catholic country.

This year I have seen podcast episodes from the Whatever Podcast and Fresh&Fit, especially since sensitive cancel culture comment-section-creatures particularly target YouTube channels and people like these. I particularly have a lot of respect for guys like Chase, Justin Waller and Andrew Tate, even though I am not a religious nut.

Their religion is irrelevant, but their solid frames as men are admirable. Don’t follow people just because they believe in the exact same things as you. Follow people because they are good examples of something you represent.

These guys seem to be good role models, and I think that society is lacking good role models.


Today’s Masculinity & Femininity In A Picture

On the sofa there are two women and a man. The man is me. One of the women is my wife. The other woman is a dominatrix, holding a man on a leash.

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Maybe this is why it’s hard for boys to become men when they are raised by a single mom and have no father figure. The problem isn’t the single moms. The problem is the lack of masculinity among men. The problem is the lack of father figures these days. The problem is when men run away from their family responsibilities because they’re too much of a fucking coward to be a father figure to their children and to be present.

I am a father and my wife is a mother. We have a daughter. We met in 2019.

We officially got engaged exactly 3 weeks after meeting each other.

Then we got married within 166 days of meeting each other, which is a little less than 5 and a half months.

If you’re a guy who sits on the floor and does what he’s told, you’re never going to be in control of your relationships.

That’s the difference between a guy with a voice who fought his way to where he is today, and a guy who silently watches other men get pegged.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with being into whatever kinks you’re into, unless it involves kids. But something on a macro level is feminizing men across the board.


Should She Be Put In Her Place?

Here’s another comment found on YouTube from the Cancel Culture Podcast video:

Yeah he’s a simp and all of that but why the fuck is this acceptable? The bitch holding the lead should also have been put in her place.

In the video I specifically commented after something she said that she’s actually quite romantic, and that I didn’t expect that to be the case.

At the end of the show I talked more about my bestselling book The Message Game and the AI wingman for online dating, MGAI.

After the show, the young dominatrix came up to me and asked for an affiliate link that she can use for MGAI, to send to all the thirsty men DMing her on Instagram each day. It was at this very moment that I saw that she was very competent, and intelligent. She was absolutely right. In fact, it’s an idea I had been meaning to try out for the book The Message Game, before MGAI was even a thing. But MGAI… That’s even better.

Guys struggling to get laid or even to get dates from Instagram or Tinder definitely need the help of The Message Game and MGAI. She recognized that opportunity instantly.

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So put it this way. This young woman is running her own business as well as identifying more opportunities for business and growth. She doesn’t need to be ‘put in her place’ when there are mutual benefits to score. She’s also a free woman. However, there may be consequences in future when men might not want to be in a relationship with her because she is or was a dominatrix, or because she has or used to have OnlyFans. Or to put it plainly… A woman who has pegged men.


What Is A Masculine Man?

It’s one thing for people to say ‘you’re not a man if you do that’, but actually they are men. They just aren’t very masculine.

A masculine man is a man who can set his own boundaries and enforce these boundaries, a man who can lead his relationships with people, a man who will be a father figure to his children, and to those who look up to him.

Masculine men are never looked down on.

Maybe you could argue that a garbage collector could be looked down on, but that’s not because of his masculinity. That’s just you being a judgemental fucking prick about someone’s career, even though it is an honorable and necessary career that keeps the streets clean.

That man can have pride in his work. He does what he’s there to do. That is a masculine man.

There’s a quote associated with actor Tom Hardy that has been popularized on social media. Maybe he never said it. Maybe it’s just a viral post lying about who said it. Nonetheless…

‘I was raised to treat the janitor with the same respect as the CEO.’

It’s a great philosophy to live by.

However, a man being held on a leash by a teenage girl hardly calls for respect.

Anyway, at least some of us clearly had fun.

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Ice White

Ice is a Canadian bestselling author, and founder of Game Global. His book, The Message Game, is the most practical book on online dating and has helped thousands of men around the world get dates within days of reading it. He is also the creator of MGAI, the AI wingman for online dating.

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