Throughout college and university, Joe was highly sociable and could attract women now and again.

But, after a toxic relationship ended with him being cheated on in 2012, his confidence plummeted. 

For the next year, he could barely start a conversation with a woman at a bar without her running away to her friends.

These women could immediately sense Joe’s frustration and neediness for a partner to help him get over this break-up.

Thankfully, Joe discovered the Game community shortly after moving to London.

In January 2014, he met a small group of guys in Covent Garden who showed him a basic daygame approach and that it’s possible to improve your success with women if you approach while sober and learn from your mistakes. He never looked back. 

For the next few years, Joe gave up drinking and committed to a schedule of meeting women 4/5 nights a week.

He found great wingmen in London, and quickly mastered the basics of female psychology. Soon enough, he was dating and sleeping with women who were far more beautiful than he could ever attract before. 

Despite working as a finance journalist, Joe felt the need to document his lessons for other men  in his own dating blog.

After discovering one of Ciaran Callam’s dating videos on Facebook, Joe invited Ciaran to do an interview for his blog. They quickly discovered how much they had in common, became ‘wingmen’, and ultimately good friends. 

By sheer coincidence, it soon emerged that Joe and Ciaran were both selected to appear on the same Channel 4 reality dating show ‘A Year To Fall In Love’. 

In expectation of the show becoming popular, they created a social media community for men who want dating advice and began offering coaching services. 

The show flopped, but the foundations of a great community were already in place. Soon after, Ice White joined forces with Joe and Ciaran to take the community to the next level.

Joe quit his finance journalism job in November 2017 to become a freelance dating journalist. He left London and now travels the world seducing women of every culture. 

  • Joe’s book The Thrill Of The Chase details everything he learned after first discovering the Game Community, including important lessons about overcoming heartbreak, enjoying singledom and attracting the women you really want. 
  • His book The Camera Never Lies includes all the lessons he learned while filming for ‘A Year To Fall In Love’, the reality TV show where participants had to film their own dating lives for an entire year. 
  • His book 4 Weeks To Unstoppable Confidence, co-written with Ciaran, features 28 exercises to boost your charisma, bravery and self-esteem to unstoppable levels within four weeks.
  • His book Big Dick Energy will teach you how to unleash your masculine energy and effortlessly attract amazining feminine women into your life.  

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