Defending Game Global: A Community Against ‘LMR’ & Hate

 Defending Game Global: A Community Against ‘LMR’ & Hate

Game Global has always aimed at resolving and reforming the entire PUA community.

We are often associated with the ‘PUA community’. However, being formerly part of it, before Game Global existed, we noticed a lot of bad things in ‘PUA culture’. Game Global has always aimed at resolving this and reforming the entire community.

Speaking for myself, I personally believe that these things in the PUA community are toxic:

  • Rating girls out of 10

  • False figures (Coaches who have questionable methods and advice)

  • ‘Lay counts’ (Because you’re obsessing over getting as much sex as possible for self-validation)

  • ‘Notches’ (Same as above)

  • ‘Last minute resistance’ or ‘LMR’, which we have officially listed as a toxic term in our WIP Game Glossary for some time

  • The cringe term ‘pickup artist’

  • Talking negatively about girls just because girls rejected you (We call this ‘being reactive’)

  • Hate towards women

  • Putting marketing before anything else, and trying to take as much money as possible from men who want to better themselves with women


And these are some of things that I try to divert people from when they join Game Global. We are just a community. People talk about ideas from OTHER PEOPLE all the time, and we are not responsible for other people’s ideas. But what we can do is stop the wrong ideas from being discussed, but it takes time to work out how to do this effectively.


When I first started my journey in the PUA community, I was excited to learn how to improve my relationships and sex life. I had already experienced some relationships. And I assumed that just about everyone was in it with good intentions, such as my own.

This is why I am passionate about Game Global. Myself and the other cofounders recognized the positives, and wanted to maintain that. Thus, we wanted to move people away from the dark side. And I personally believe that the bad things associated with ‘PUA’ stuff are unintended, at least by those who formed it in the beginning.

Over time, people emerged in the PUA community, long before Game Global existed, with greed and wanted to exploit men to make money, and exploit women to get sex. Of the men exploited, some were targeted specifically because they were inexperienced or desperate.

We are aware of some self-proclaimed ‘coaches’ out there over the years in the PUA sphere that have been held accountable for their wrongdoings. Some ‘coaches’ turned out to be guilty of kidnapping, assault, and even rape. We are not those coaches, wait, I mean… Criminals.

We are men who want to help other men, and bisexual/lesbian women, in improving our dating experiences with women.

In my experience, I met many people in the community, before Game Global existed. I would say that the vast majority of guys are genuine people. But I always noticed that there was a small amount of people who are just assholes. (Yes, that’s a blanket statement for people who are violent, racist, sexist, etc)

TLDR: One guy threatened to fight me and rape me. Another guy harassed me for nearly 2 years, using hundreds of phone numbers just to call me multiple times a day and send me violent, harassing, threatening and obscene messages; which included death threats, rape threats, suicide encouragement, etc, and he was later arrested (This guy is mentally unstable, not a normal person). Another guy, also mentally unstable, was anti-semitic among many other things, despite being a Jew, although he had only discovered game/PUA stuff a week earlier, and his racist/anti-Jew/sexist and unacceptable behavior existed long before this. I also noticed a few creepy people.


What about Day Game? (r/DayGame)

I was never a day gamer; tried it once. I didn’t really want to disrupt people from their day-to-day existence in parks or on streets. Some people outside of the community suggest that day game should be illegal, some people suggest that it is harassment. What I will say is that it can be harassment, especially when it’s done wrong. If you’re following people around like a weirdo, then that’s going to make everyone uncomfortable. However, I can see that day game is okay when it’s simply ‘being social’. If you don’t know what I mean by that, go to Canada. People talk to you on the street, in restaurants, everywhere; and about genuine things. Good-Canadian-citizen-day-game is good.

Example: A woman started talking to me on a train because she thought I was ‘interesting’.

Example: I was trying to get my cat out of a bush, because the cat had a fight with another cat, a woman walked by and asked what I lost, I said ‘well, that cat lost its temper’, and a very positive conversation started and she helped me get my cat back.


Furthermore, I took over the r/DayGame subreddit and removed the posts with spam or negative/hateful comments and posts. Again, I am not a day gamer. But I have used the subreddit to attempt to turn day gamers to the rules I have applied there. I believe that the subreddit is safe in my hands because, first of all, I am not a day gamer. Second of all, I can have the power to remove anything inappropriate. There is a dilemma of infield footage, and people will have to resprect the privacy laws of various jurisdictions. The dilemma I face with ‘infield footage’ is how to deal with it. So far I understand 2 options.

  1. Shut down infield, and force infield creators and infield viewers to be displaced and end up somewhere else. Thus, achieving absolutely nothing.

  2. Allow infield, but have control of what is allowed and influence, long-term, how it should exist in the safest way possible.


What about violence?

Fifty Shades Of Grey sold over 150 million copies worldwide, and contains sexual fantasies written by a woman. Sometimes members discuss sexual fantasies or experiences, all of which must be consensual and non-violent, and having seen such discussions, it’s nowhere near the level of that of Fifty Shades Of Grey. We do not incite violence, and we never have. We have in fact collected evidence against those who have used our groups to post violent content, and we have so far provided multiple police forces with hundreds of images and videos; many of which came from one single person who incited violence against both men and women. And so far, one person has been arrested due to Game Global members reporting that person to the authorities. This person was never a ‘Game Global member’, just a random troll who found us on the Internet, and his behavior was already known to the authorities before we even existed. And that’s how a lot of people find us… The Internet.


What we are doing to reform the ‘PUA community’

  1. Our Game Glossary link directs you to a document where you can suggest changes to various phrases and words often associated with the PUA community. I don’t care if you’re a ‘PUA’ or a ‘feminist’, I need input from both. This has been something we have intended to do since 2019, and we have plenty of evidence to back this up. In short, we are removing toxic terminology, and I don’t know a single person outside of Game Global who even attempted to do anything like this.

  2. Create a space where the community is run by a man who is married, and has at least one daughter; to ensure that the community is run by a pro-woman man in heart, in mind, and in family. (Bonus: Also a Marxist-feminist)

  3. Improve our moderation. This has been challenging because we are across multiple platforms, and I focus particularly on Telegram, and only one person handles the moderation for all 288 groups on Telegram. It is impossible for one single person to read every single message within 5 minutes of a message being sent, while also living a life that isn’t enslaved by micro-managing other people just in case someone says something unacceptable. We have plenty of evidence to back up that we have been working and planning on automating moderation to discourage people from mentioning certain phrases or words in the chat. See what we did here with ‘LMR’. See what we are planning to do with ‘consent’. While some messages remain on Telegram groups that nobody should really see, this is because the banning system on Telegram does not enable you to delete a particular person’s messages on all 288 groups. You will have to go to every single group, find that specific person’s message somewhere, and delete all of them within that one group. If they posted in 50 groups, I would have to go through all 50 groups to delete all their messages. Ain’t nobody got time for that. If you have suggestions for our automated response and warning/banning system, let me know. Our network has been targeted by hundreds of scammers, spammers, trolls and much more. Anyone can join at any moment and post hateful things. While some of these things may be seen, people have attempted to hold us accountable for messages other people posted, yet these people were already banned; they just didn’t consider the message deletion complications, or saw it before it was investigated by moderation. Oh, and did I not mention… They purposefully didn’t tell you that these people were already banned or confronted by members. That is misleading and false information. You will be held accountable for poor journalism, defamation, misinformation and lies. We have plenty of evidence that shows quotations used against Game Global were from NON-members, and users that were even banned A year ago. That has nothing to do with us; we already banned them literally months and even a year before any misleading articles were written.

  4. Turning r/DayGame into a positive subreddit.

  5. Producing videos about consent and feminism, to be clear about what these things are for those who really. don’t. get. it. (Yes, you can date women and be a feminist)

  6. I will also attempt to make a video about anal sex, so that women do not get hurt in the process of anal sex just because those partaking in it are unprepared and do not actually know how to have safe anal sex.

  7. Not putting marketing first, and not forcing programs and bootcamps down people’s throats. We put people first.

  8. We do not do bootcamps. Bootcamps are when PUA companies charge sometimes $2,000 or more for 3 men to partake in going out for a few days or more with a ‘coach’ to talk to women on the streets or in clubs. I definitely won’t be doing bootcamps ever in the future. I have seen them, and conducted polls about them. Other Game Global coaches may consider doing it in future, but I 100% will not be doing this. I believe that having one-to-one coaching conversations is far more helpful.

  9. Game Global has not existed for long, but we are always looking to see how we can improve our rules. Help us and offer suggestions and ideas. Seriously, we are still working out things as we go, week by week.

  10. Reforming the PUA community with open dialog. If you see something you think we should reform, tell us about it.


As a final note, I have also been trying to find ways to enforce people NOT to be anonymous in our groups. This has been an official rule ever since we started, but it is not easy to enforce when the fundamentals of the Internet put anonymity and privacy first. I would like to find a way around anonymity because I believe that Game Global is good, and that members should have nothing to hide if they are doing nothing wrong. The platforms we use also do not enforce it. This is a universal dilemma.


Reforming the community is not easy. While most guys are genuine, I do receive a lot of abuse from the very few people that ruin it for everyone else; and these people are very often the same people that we have to remove. As previously stated, we had to pressure a police force into arresting someone because he just wouldn’t stop.

You cannot criticize what we’re doing by failing to acknowledge what we’re actually doing, and lying about 10 dodgy comments from banned and deleted users out of 300,000 messages and thousands of good people who never said anything disrespectful to anyone.

It’s the Internet. There will be a few people who say something stupid, which accounts for 0.01% of the entire population. That does not give you the right to demonize all men.

Ice White

Ice is a Canadian bestselling author, and founder of Game Global. His book, The Message Game, is the most practical book on online dating and has helped thousands of men around the world get dates within days of reading it. He is also the creator of MGAI, the AI wingman for online dating.

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