Our mission is to connect as many gamers as possible to local resources, including wings, events and information. Nobody else can compete with what we are doing, but what makes us so passionate about it is that it’s a win-win for everyone. You provide value to your local group, and your local group will provide you with value in return.


  • Having a name and profile picture of yourself in order to represent the group
  • Engaging the group for the sake of maintaining activity
  • Inspiring others in the group
  • Preventing and discouraging negativity
  • Maintaining the Facebook & Telegram group


You will be required to have the Game Leaders admin circle around your photo. It will be made for you upon joining Game Leaders. If you want a new photo of yourself uploaded, request for it on Game Leaders and it will be made.


Telegram is where discussions and meet ups happen in real time, and Facebook is where members can view the more important or detailed things such as event details and field reports.

Females are, by default, not allowed in any groups. However, we have some exceptions by name. Those who join must inform Ice White as to why they have joined, otherwise they are deemed as spam accounts.

  • Aglena Snow
  • Angela Wong
  • Evgeniya Lyons
  • Holly Espedido
  • Olivia Tesla

Bans on Telegram can only be issued by Ice White. Unbans can only be issued by Ice White. If someone wishes to be unbanned, they must contact Ice White and confirm that they have read the rules and set up their profile with their name and an identifiable photo.


Game Leaders have the power to host events in their local city. These events can be anything from seminars with special guests to just eating out in a large group at a restaurant. However, it is important to view these tips outlined here to guide you with hosting events. To host an event, you must abide by the following format outlined on this page.

A Facebook Event page must be made within the local Facebook group. This ensures that the event details are only visible to the members of the Facebook group. You can then copy and paste the link onto the Telegram group so that members can mark themselves as attendees. This is also an opportunity to get Telegram members onto the Facebook group if they have not done so already.

By default, Game Leaders will not have the power to pin messages in the Telegram group, this is for the purpose of maintaining the original pinned message which welcomes members to the Telegram group.

  1. Set up Facebook Event via Game City Facebook group and insert all event details
  2. Write a Telegram message for the event you’re hosting with the Facebook Event link
  3. Host the event

There are various types of events you can host.

  • Seminar
  • Hangout
  • Eat Up


Seminars A Game New York Seminar would be a seminar, hosted by the Game New York Leaders and potentially featuring guest speakers. This is the most valuable type of event that can be hosted. To take full advantage of this opportunity you can film it and upload parts of the seminar on YouTube and Game Academy for people to watch or refer back to. This is a serious event and requires good organization and responsibility.
Hangouts A Game Berlin Hangout would be a hangout, hosted by a Game Berlin Leader. It has no particular goal other than to meet people from the group and interact together, talk about game and share experiences. This is a casual event.
Eat Ups A Game London Eat Up would be a meet up with food, hosted by a Game London Leader. This is where ideally 8-15 members can come together at a particular restaurant at a really big table, eat food and talk about whatever they want. You could have chicken wings with wings. This is a casual event and only requires some research of suitable locations and sensibility in making a reservation. Restaurants cannot say no to such a big order, it’s a big deal of business you are bringing to them, so they will honor your requests.


We are using the Game Global YouTube channel with non-infield content. We are using Game Academy for infield content. Infield videos and the more edgy stuff will be for Game Academy only, as YouTube will not tolerate such videos. Nobody will be able to take down any videos that we host on Game Academy, and so it will be a safespace for all and any content. 


Game Academy

  • Interviews
  • Tips
  • Concepts
  • Guides
  • Podcasts
  • Infield
  • Interviews
  • Tips
  • Concepts
  • Guides
  • Podcasts
  • Infield

We have a Telegram group specifically for the Game Leaders who wish to contribute to the video content factory of Game Content. This is where each video will be posted for each of us to drop likes and comments, as well as feedback. Some videos will then be distributed across groups according to popularity. We must not, however, be blatantly spamming the groups with video links every time.


For task management, join the Game Leaders Facebook group.