Learn To Understand What She’s Saying Without Saying Anything

 Learn To Understand What She’s Saying Without Saying Anything

Women will rarely say what they’re really thinking. They’ll usually drop subtle hints and clues for us to pick up on and this exchange is a perfect example of that.

For context, I’m having a leaving party tomorrow which I’ve invited all my friends to go to.

I WhatsApped this girl to see if she was coming and she said yeah, asked if she could bring a plus one, and clarified that it would be a friend and not a date.

Now this is the kind of thing I’d have totally missed in the past but I’m onto that shit now. 

Seriously, those clueless days are over.

And if you don’t see where I’m going with this then think about it, why did she want me to know this person wouldn’t be a date?

Why was that something important that she needed to clarify?

Why not be satisfied with telling me she was bringing someone and leave it at that?

Because she likes me, hopes she’ll get with me at the party, and doesn’t want to do anything that might mess it up.

It’s that simple.

These are the sorts of signals girls send to let us know they’re interested but of course we as men look for direct and blunt statements and as a result often miss these subtle communications.

Also on a related topic, this is a girl who rejected me like a year ago, and has been flirting with me for a few months now. In fact, when I last saw her at her birthday party I was convinced she wanted me to fuck her (which I didn’t do because I’m seeing someone).

Anyway my second point is that girls’ opinions of you can totally change over time so don’t lose heart when you’re rejected. Your opinion of you needs to trump whatever anyone else thinks of you.

You got this


Ciaran Callam

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