Game Houses

Game houses are apartments, houses or mansions shared by gamers. This allows in part or in whole for the living space to encourage action towards similar goals in the personal lives of those living there. By living with and surrounding yourself with people who strive for results and action, you are putting yourself in a house full of advantages.

Disclaimer: Addresses and exact locations of active hustle houses are not disclosed. The map will only display the contact details and general area of an active hustle house.

Green = Active

Red = Inactive

List of game houses:

  • Project Hollywood, Los Angeles (2002-2004)
  • Old RSD Mansion, Los Angeles (2017-2018)
  • Onega Mansion, London (2017-2020)
  • Game Toronto House, Toronto (2020-now)
  • Project Dallas, Dallas (2020-now)
  • QLA, Dublin (2020-now)
  • Sea Lab, San Francisco (2021-2021)
  • Project Unforgettable, New York (2021-now)
  • Fort York House, Toronto (2021-now)


Game Cities Maps

Game Maps are the ultimate guide to knowing your city and where to game.

  • Clubs: Various venues for night game.
  • Dates: Various locations, stores, restaurants and more recommended for having dates.
  • Game Houses: Living spaces for gamers or entrepreneurs.

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